Museumplein: The Best Cultural Spot In Amsterdam To Visit


Museumplein is the most important square in Amsterdam, where several famous museums are located together. Famous museums such as the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum are visited by dozens of tourists every day.

Museumplein is a lush green square where people sit, read books, spend time with their pets and loved ones. There is a large ornamental pool in the center. People can put their feet in it and cool off in hot weather. This pool is used as an ice skating rink in winter.

Where is Museumplein? How to get there?

You have many options to reach Museumplein, which is 500 meters from the gate of Vondelpark. You can take tram 3, 5, 12 and 16 to the south of the square and tram 2 and 5 and buses 170, 172, 174, 197 and N97 to the north of the square. Buses 754 and 758 also run in front of the Rijksmuseum.

Museums in Museum Quarter


Hollanda Altın Çağı‘na ait yüzlerce tabloyu barındıran ve Avrupa’nın en büyük müzelerinden biri olan Rijksmuseum, tarihin önemli sanatçılarının eserlerini sergiliyor. Rembrandt gibi büyük bir ışık ustasının The Night Watch, Johannes Vermeer’in The Milkmaid, George Hendrik Breitner’in The Single Bridge müze ziyaretinizde bizzat görülebilir. Her gün ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

Amsterdam Rijks Museum Gezilecek Yerler
Iamsterdam Yazisi Museumplein

Moco Museum

Moco Museum is one of the modern art museums in Museum Square. The museum, where creative works are exhibited, includes the works of Andy Warhol, one of the most important representatives of the pop art movement, and Banksy, who is famous especially in the UK for his anti-war, pro-animal rights murals and critical approach to issues. The museum can be visited every day.

Amsterdam Moco Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler
Amsterdam Moco Muzesi Gorulecek Yerler

Van Gogh Museum

One of the most famous artists of Amsterdam is Van Gogh. The most famous museum in Museum Square is the Van Gogh Museum. For this reason, there can be a long line in front of it. If you have an I Amsterdam Card, go directly to the Van Gogh Museum and stand in line in the section reserved for cardholders. There are already a few staff members waiting there to control the queue. When we saw the line of people without a card, we realized once again how useful the card is. When it’s our turn, we buy our Van Gogh entrance ticket and enter the building next door.

Amsterdam Van Gogh Muzesi Mimari Yapisi Gezisi
Amsterdam Van Gogh Muzesi Bilet Kuyrugu Gisesi

The Van Gogh Museum is a place where you can see the originals of many famous paintings by the painter Vincent van Gogh. We are excited to see the Yellow House, Sunflowers, portraits and the Bedroom in Arles of Van Gogh, who narrated his life through paintings.

Stedelijk Museum

Reminiscent of a bathtub by Amsterdammers, the museum is also intertwined with a historical building. Located next to the Van Gogh Museum, the museum is an art museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions. If you have an Amsterdam card, you can enter the museum with a 20% discount. Stedelijk Museum is one of the museums we did not visit during our Amsterdam trip.

Stedelijk Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler
Amsterdam Stedelijk Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler

I Amsterdam Sign

Amsterdam’s famous I amsterdam sign is located behind the Rijksmuseum in Museumplein, the Museum Square. I amsterdam has become a physical icon of the city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Museumplein Yazi Onu
Amsterdam Museumplein I Amsterdam Yazisi

There are very few people who come here and do not take a photo with the I amsterdam sign, which is more than 2 meters high and 23.5 meters wide.