NEMO Science Center: A Place Full Of Learning For All Ages


Located very close to the center of Amsterdam, the technology and science museum NEMO has become a must-visit museum for Amsterdam visitors with its architectural style, content and numerous activities that can be of interest to children and adults alike.

The architect of NEMO, which has managed to attract attention with its extraordinary ship-like structure, is Renzo Piano. Piano is an architect who has created dozens of extraordinary architectural structures, including the New York Times skyscraper, and has won many awards. NEMO is at least as interesting as his other projects, and it faces the magnificent view of Amsterdam.

The NEMO Science Museum has been in existence since 1923, but in 1997 it began welcoming visitors under the name newMetropolis in a building designed by Renzo Piano. Since 2000, it has been called the NEMO Science Museum (Science Center NEMO).

The NEMO Science Museum is the most interactive museum possible. It allows visitors of all ages to try all the experiments inside. With hundreds of interactive games and different experiments, there is so much for children to learn. Children have the chance to experience all kinds of physical phenomena that they may encounter throughout their lives at a young age, along with the reasons why.

Amsterdam Nemo Bilim Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler
Amsterdam Nemo Bilim Muzesi Arkeolojik Fosil

The first floor of the museum is mostly devoted to natural laws such as gravity, static electricity, sound and light. The bubble production corner is the experiment area where children have the most fun. In the center of the museum, everything connected to each other is activated by an expert when the time comes and a chain reaction show takes place for about 4 minutes. The interrelated mechanism is very interesting for the children in the museum. This show takes place several times a day.

Amsterdam Nemo Bilim Muzesi Fizik Odasi
Amsterdam Nemo Bilim Muzesi Zincirleme Reaksiyon

The second floor is mostly dedicated to young people. The hormonal and physical changes that young people go through during what we call the blue age are addressed in an entertaining way. In a small closed room, young people are given information about sexuality.

Amsterdam Nemo Bilim Muzesi Fransiz Opucugu
Amsterdam Nemo Science Museum Laboratuvar

On the third floor there are more science experiments. There is also a large science laboratory on the same floor. Visitors can bring their children into this lab and let them participate in various activities. On the fourth floor, there are experiments on what happens in the background of the human mind. Memory tests, mind problems, and applications related to feelings are on this floor.

Amsterdam Nemo Bilim Muzesi Su Uretimi
Amsterdam Nemo Bilim Muzesi Laboratuvar

The terrace of NEMO attracts visitors as much as the interior. There is a cafeteria upstairs, but what is more important is that it is one of the highest points from which you can watch Amsterdam, which has no tall buildings. The viewing point on the terrace has information boards drawn by an illustrator, so you can find out which building is at which angle. The terrace of the NEMO building can be visited free of charge until 21:00.

Amsterdam Nemo Teras Gezi
Amsterdam Nemo Teras Manzarasi

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours at NEMO Amsterdam?

You can enter the NEMO Science Museum for free if you have an Amsterdam City Card or Museumkaart. The science museum can be visited every day between 10:00 – 17:30. You can start the museum from both the first floor and the terrace. But my recommendation is to start from the first floor, visit the 4-story museum in order and finally, after enjoying the terrace, take the elevator down to the terrace. If you have a lot of time, you can also start directly from the terrace by taking the steps next to the underpass, but this option will waste time and tire you out.