Anne Frank House Museum: A Place To Remember


Anne Frank, one of the symbols of the Anne Frank House and Museum and even of Amsterdam, is one of the symbols of the Holocaust in Germany. Her hiding from Hitler despite her young age and the diary she kept during this time has become important and sad worldwide.

Who is Anne Frank?

Anne Frank is a young girl born in 1929. Her birth coincided with the onset of the World Economic Depression of 1929, or more commonly known as the Great Depression, which would continue for 10 years.

The Great Depression, which had devastating effects on industrialized countries, caused the number of unemployed people to increase dramatically, and the exchange of money was replaced by barter.

It was during this period that Anne Frank’s father Otto Frank, a banker, somehow found a way to go to the Netherlands in 1933, but troubles continued there as well.

Many restrictions were imposed on Jews in the Netherlands, just like in Germany. In 1942, Jews began to be rounded up by the Germans.

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Anne Frank huis where was Anne Frank hiding

Is the Anne Frank Museum her real house?

Anne Frank’s family (Anne, her father Otto Frank, her mother Edith Frank, her sister Margot Frank), together with the Van Pels family (Hermann, Auguste, Peter van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer), with whom they were close, hid in a secret area at the back of the house.

The hiding place is the secret compartment of a spice company owned by a close friend who, because he is Jewish, cannot set up his own business.

How long was Anne Frank hidden?

Miep Gies, who worked as a secretary in Anne’s father’s company, managed to hide them for 25 months. During this time, the people lived a life of complete imprisonment and did not come out, but thanks to Miep Gies, they were able to obtain their daily needs.

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Amsterdam Anne Frank House

Anne Frank used a diary given to her by Miep Gies on her 13th birthday as a diary and for 2 years she wrote down her experiences, hopes and fears day by day in the Anne Frank’s diary book, a book that would later become world famous. After 2 years, their hideout was raided by the police. This raid marked the beginning of Anne Frank’s last days.

Today there is nothing to report but sadness and despair. – The Diary of Anne Frank

How did Anne Frank die?

The 2 families were captured by the police and taken to Auschwitz Birkenau, the largest concentration, forced labor and extermination camp established by Nazi Germany during World War II.

The family members lost their lives in different camps, leaving Anne, who was sent to Bergen-Belsen, her older sister Margot, 3 years older than her, and their father Otto Frank, who remained in Auschwitz. Anne and Margot died in the camp from typhus caused by lice infestation.

Otto Frank was saved by the arrival of the Red Army of the Soviet Union. After his liberation, he turned Anne Frank’s diary, which was delivered to him by Miep, Anne Frank’s Kitty, into a book, and the edition called The Diary of Anne Frank became a bestseller in the world.

I don’t dare to do anything anymore, because I’m afraid it will be forbidden. – The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank House and Museum history

As you can see, when visiting the Anne Frank House, you should not expect a furnished place like the houses of Rembrandt or other celebrities.

Anne Frank took refuge here and spent the last days of her life with fears. When you enter this house, you need to empathize with the events inside.

For this purpose, the house was purchased by the Anne Frank Relief Association in 1957 and turned into a museum and opened to visitors.

The furniture used in the house is gone today, replaced by dim light, blank walls and windows that were closed to completely cut off the connection with the outside… To get to this section, you have to use the secret passage behind the bookcase.

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At the beginning of the museum, there is a furnished model of the house as it was 70 years ago. Try to understand the model before you visit the house, the places you visit will be more meaningful if you memorize information such as who stayed where, on which floor the secret passage room with the bookcase was located.

If you wish, you can visit the house in 3D on the official website of the Anne Frank House. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the museum.

Due to the narrowness of the spaces and the large number of people, such a ban must have been imposed because photography would be a problem.

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Anne Frank House Museum virtual
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When you go to the Anne Frank Museum, there are always long lines in front of it. When we say queue, we don’t mean a line of 100 people, think of a street full of people, there is a long line.

Since I Amsterdam City Card is not valid, the most logical way to come here is to buy a ticket online. So you can enter quickly without having to wait in line.

There is only one condition for buying an online ticket, you have to enter between 09:00 – 15:30. Between 15:30 – 21:30 you can enter with the ticket you buy at the gate.

If you are going to buy a ticket at the entrance and you arrive at the museum late, you will get your ticket if you stand in line. In some cases, security guards can go to the back and close the line. If you managed to get in line, you can rest assured.

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Where is Anne Frank House Museum and how to get there?

Many buses and trams pass near the Anne Frank House. You can take trams 13, 14 and 17 or buses 170, 172, 174, 272, 752, 754, 758, N70, N72, N74 and N79 and get off at Westermarkt stop.

The Anne Frank House and Museum is a moving experience that everyone should have. It is a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and the importance of tolerance and understanding.

The museum does an excellent job of telling Anne’s story, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit it.