St. Peter’s Church Riga

St. Peter’s Church Riga

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Located in the center of the city, the church is a building where gothic architecture can be clearly observed. It has a tower that all tourists must visit with its wonderful view.

The building, which was first built in 1209, has been ruined, burned, destroyed and repaired and changed many times until today. It is possible to see some of the remains of the first period inside.

An Altar was added in the 15th century and a tower was built in the 17th century. In 1975 a clock with only an hour hand was installed on the front facade of the tower.

Riga St Peter Church Clock
Riga St Peter Church Kulesi

When you enter the church, you may be interested in the visuals showing the restoration phases of the building and the tower and a small model of the tower.

Riga St Peter Kilisesi Restorasyon Gorselleri
Riga St Peter Kilisesi Maketi

There are about 30 coat of arms inscriptions inside the church. These coat of arms inscriptions, with the coat of arms on the upper side and the inscription on the lower side, were stolen during the Second World War, but some of them were brought back to Riga, where they belong.

Riga St Peter Kilisesi Arma Kitabeleri
Riga St Peter Kilisesi Gezi Rehberi

It is possible to go to the top of the tower. An elevator has been built to go up the historic tower. You can get a panoramic view of Riga, the historic city and the Stone Bridge from the 72-meter high tower for an affordable fee.

Riga St Peter Kilisesi Kule Manzarasi

When you leave the church, which hosts concerts and exhibitions in addition to its religious purpose, and turn to the right, you will see the statue of the Bremen Musicians. In the 12th century, merchants and sailors who came to Riga from Bremen for trade saw Riga as a sister city and presented this statue as a gift.

Riga St Peter Kilisesi Gez Yazisi
Riga St Peter Kilisesi Bremen Mizikacilari