Best 1 Days Itinerary in Vatican City


Located in the city of Rome in Italy and with less than 1000 inhabitants, the Vatican is the smallest country in the world by area. Besides being the smallest country, it is also one of the richest.

The pioneer of the Papal State is Peter. Peter was crucified and killed by Nero, blamed for the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD. Before his death, Peter introduced the concept of the church in the name of Jesus and played the role of bishop. It is believed that in this way he laid the foundations of the Papacy.

Does the Vatican require a visa?

The Vatican is a state within the borders of Rome. You cannot enter the Vatican directly. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the entry requirements to Rome. This means getting a Schengen visa if you are not in Europe. You do not need to ask how to go to the Vatican without a visa, because this is not possible.

How to get to the Vatican, how is transportation?

The fastest way to get to the Vatican is to first reach Rome Airport. Then you can take the buses to the center of Rome and reach the Vatican either on foot or by public transportation.

Is there an entrance fee to the Vatican?

The Vatican is a small place, but it is a country, not a museum. Therefore, entrance to the Vatican borders is free of charge. You can wander around the grounds of St. Peter’s Basilica, take photos and even enter the church for free. However, entrance to the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel, is paid.

Information about history of the Vatican

The Papacy existed until 1870, but ceased to function when the House of Savoya, which included kings such as Vittorio Emmanuele and Umberto, united Italy under one roof. In 1929, the Papacy signed the Laterano Treaty with Italy and according to this treaty, an area of 44 hectares within the borders of Rome, the capital of Italy, was reserved as the Vatican City State. According to the same treaty, Rome would be the center of the Catholic world and a place of pilgrimage. After this date, the Papacy continued its existence as an independent state.

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St. Peter’s Square (also known as Vatican Square), one of the largest squares in the world, is guarded by Italian police, but the rest of the Vatican is protected by the Swiss Guard. As you enter or leave St. Peter’s Basilica, you can see some members of the Vatican defense, an army of about 110 men. The Swiss Guards, who also attract tourists with their different uniforms, have been protecting the Vatican in the same way since the 1500s.

Let’s get to the point. How to visit the Vatican? How much to visit? How much time to spend? Yes, the Vatican is a small state, but it is one of the richest and most popular tourist destinations. Because they have preserved the history well and it is the same today as it was in the past.

We say popular because tourists from all over the world come here to see the historical treasures here. When the area is small, of course, there are plenty of queues. To avoid this, it is highly recommended by everyone to buy your tickets online in advance. If you make paid reservations by specifying the day and time, you will not wait in the queue and you will save time.

You can buy tickets from the online ticket site, but the system charges you a commission for making an online reservation and you have to pay some more for the commission. If you don’t wait in the entrance lines, we can say that the fee is quite reasonable. Especially during the hot travel months, waiting in the sun can turn your nice vacation into a torture.

You can organize the route we mentioned according to the situation or order. When you enter the Vatican State, your first stop is St. Peter’s Square. This square is one of the few squares in the world in terms of its size. Between dozens of columns lined up in rows, the square is the gathering area to see the Pope. When you look at this square from above, it gives the feeling of embracing the people gathered for the Pope.

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It is possible to see the magnificent structure of St. Peter’s Church, the symbol of the Vatican, up close. Moreover, the entrance is free, so you can wait in the queue for a while. But our suggestion is to go up to the dome of the basilica first. Yes, you can see the Vatican and Rome from the top of the dome. It is a bit tiring to go up, but it is worth it. For a fee you can take the elevator and some stairs to the top. It is both tiring, fun and satisfying…

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After going up to the dome, as you go down you find yourself inside the Church of St. Peter, the symbol of the Vatican. The church is as big, wide and spacious as it can be. It is said that it can hold over 60,000 people. This is also the tomb of St. Peter, who worked so hard for Christianity. Michelangelo’s Pieta sculpture, the only work he made when he was only 24 years old and signed his signature on it because he could not convince anyone, is also here. However, as a result of a recent attack, it has been enclosed in a bulletproof glass cage.

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After leaving the museum, our next stop was the Vatican Museums, which houses many paintings and sculptures from antiquity to the present day. This rich collection of museums in the Vatican is called the Vatican Museums because every pope who came to power built a museum for himself. Otherwise, the building you enter is just one. Because it is so large and rich, it is divided into rooms.

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You can only enter the Vatican Museums from outside the Vatican, and if you didn’t buy a ticket online, you will spend some of your time here. Inside, you also have access to the Sistine Chapel, a world-famous building. Michelangelo’s ceiling paintings, which he painted alone for several years, are a must-see. Although each one has its own story, the most popular one is The Creation of Adam. In this painting, God extends his hands towards Adam and gives him life.

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It takes approximately one day to visit the Vatican. Therefore, you should plan your trip very well. Also, if you can coincide the end of your visit with the sunset hours, you can capture very beautiful shots. Because the illumination of the church, the square and the columns around it are very beautiful and seductive. Since it is close to Rome, make sure to spend a day at the Vatican on your trip to Rome and see the wonderful works of history up close.