Amsterdam Sex Museum: Where You Can Learn About Humanity Sexual Past

Amsterdam Sex Museum: Where You Can Learn About Humanity Sexual Past

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The Amsterdam Sex Museum is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. Located in the Red Light District, the museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Sex Museum is said to be the first sex museum in the world and therefore the oldest sex museum in the world. As you can appreciate, the concept of the museum is about sex objects.

We see erotic objects and photographs, paintings and various historical records on sex. Opened in 1985, most of the artifacts exhibited in the Amsterdam Sex Museum were collected with donations.

When the museum started to have space problems due to the excessive number of artifacts, the building in the back was also included in the museum.

The museum has many halls and each of the exhibition halls is named after figures of eroticism in history. For example, the Casanova Gallery.

Although Casanova was a writer, he traveled extensively in Europe and had dozens of women because of his womanizing. Casanova, who was a master at conquering women’s hearts, wrote in his autobiography that he had 122 women.

Another gallery is called Valentino Gallery. Rudolph Valentino was loved by women for his romantic roles in the movie industry and became the most popular actor in American cinema.

Catherina Hall is another example. Catherine II, who ruled Russia for 34 years in 18th century Russia, was in love with many people.

In every period of history, it is possible to find sex objects. For example, a stone statue of a penis made in the Roman period or a false penis used in the 1500s, called the Venus Belt.

In addition to art, there is a rich and interesting collection about sexuality in the Dutch Sex Museum. Tile plates, penis-shaped weapons and much more.

In the museum, you can also see a stage with statues of Marilyn Monroe and Belgian artist Rene de Broyer. Marilyn Monroe was one of the most important beauty and sex icons of the 1950s. The scene depicts the artist photographing Monroe for a Playboy magazine in 1955.

Amsterdam Seks Muzesi Marilyn Monroe Heykeli

You may encounter various surprises while visiting the museum. Interactive situations such as a fat and neglected woman trying to catch you as you approach, or a woman’s screams of pleasure, or a man spraying something in your face from one side, are prevented from being ordinary. Don’t be afraid, there is glass in between.

The museum also includes sex-themed foods such as penis cakes and candies. Miniature sex objects, wind-up action toys, relief sculptures, statues with large penises and small toys, even the intercourse of two men with each other are exhibited as small toys.

The Pros and Cons of Visiting the Amsterdam Sex Museum

On the bright side, the Amsterdam Museum of Sex offers a fascinating insight into human sexuality. From ancient erotic art to contemporary pornography, the museum has a lot to offer. It is worth a visit for its historical value alone.

On the downside, the visual elements, photographs and objects in the Amsterdam Sex Museum may not be suitable for some. If you are uncomfortable with nudity or sexual imagery, it would be better not to visit this place.

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Amsterdam Sex Museum?

It is 350 meters from Amsterdam Centraal train station and 450 meters from Dam Square. It is on Damrak Street, directly opposite the water basin where Amsterdam boat tours are organized.

Since the visiting hours are between 09:30 – 23:30, it is one of the museums you can leave at the end of your Amsterdam trip.