Yildiz Park: Beşiktaş's Historical Grove

Yildiz Park: Beşiktaş's Historical Grove

Yıldız Park, also known as Yıldız Grove, is a lush green place far away from the traffic and chaos in Istanbul, which is built with concrete and has very few green areas around it.

The front of Yıldız Park is actually Yıldız Palace. However, the palace and several museums around it have been closed for a long time due to restoration. The purpose of Yıldız Park was for the sultan to use as a hunting grove. Therefore, the original name of this place is Yıldız Grove. But it has also entered our language as Yıldız Park. In the 17th century, it was called Kazancıoğlu Garden because it was the property of the Kazancıoğlu family.

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Yildiz Parki Korusu Istanbul Ormanlari

In Yıldız Grove, you can spend your day in nature with a variety of activities. There are activities such as hiking, running, cycling, watching squirrels in the trees and cute water animals in the ponds. Yıldız Grove is one of the places in Istanbul where bride and groom photos are taken. You are guaranteed to see at least two couples on clear days, especially on weekends. Photographers prefer this place because the opportunities in Istanbul are already limited and it is possible to capture beautiful shots with its suspension bridges, wooden bridges, waterfalls, pond and nature.

Yildiz Parki Korusu Gezilecek Yerler

Breakfast Places and Prices in Yıldız Park

There are two different pavilions in Yıldız Park, the Malta Pavilion and the Tent Pavilion. The Malta Pavilion was built with stones brought from Malta during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz. The mansion buildings are not open for touristic tours, both are used as restaurants. Breakfast prices in Yıldız Park vary between weekdays and weekends. There is also another place called Kır Kahvesi. It is the third point where you can take a break for a meal during the day. The pancakes here are also famous.

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There are other ways to eat and drink in Yıldız Park. It is possible to eat the food you bring yourself at the picnic tables without being tied to the mansions. Of course, barbecues are not allowed, but it is a nice place to spend hours with a picnic. And it’s great if you can find a time when it’s not crowded.

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Yıldız Park, one of the picnic areas in Istanbul
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Wedding photography is also very popular in Yıldız Park

How much is the entrance fee to Yıldız Park?

You can enter Yıldız Park free of charge on foot. If you go by car, you have to pay an entrance fee and you can stay inside all day long.

Where is Yıldız Park and how to get there?

Yıldız Park is located between Ortaköy and Beşiktaş and has 2 different entrances. One is on Çırağan Street and the other is on Palanga Street. Here it is possible to enter by car from both directions. To get to Yıldız Park by public transportation, you can use the buses going from Beşiktaş to Çırağan. You can get off at the Çırağan stop and take a short walk to the park.