Konya Karatay Tile Works Museum

Konya Karatay Tile Works Museum

Karatay Madrasa where Konya Karatay Museum is located, II. The son of Giyaseddin Keyhüsrev, Turkey Seljuk Sultan II. It was built by Emir Celaleddin Karatay during the reign of Izzeddin Keykavus. The madrasa, which was built in 1251, was built using Sille stone, which is resistant to heat up to 2000 degrees and is generally used in furnace construction.

Information about Karatay Museum

When you enter the Karatay Museum and Madrasa, where Mevlana is said to have taught, you first enter a courtyard. This courtyard used to be covered with a dome, now it can be visited as an open courtyard. When you enter the madrasah from the courtyard, raise your head and see the dome covered with magnificent mosaic tiles. Various verses and hadiths are engraved on the walls. The names of the prophets and four caliphs were written on the elements of the transition to the dome.

Konya Karatay Muzesi Cini Kubbesi
Konya Karatay Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler

Karatay Madrasa, which has an important place in the tile workmanship of the Anatolian Seljuk Period, was opened to visitors in 1955 as the Tile Works Museum. Among the works of Karatay Museum, various artifacts related to tiles decorated with traditional art, from wall tiles to glass plates made with tiles, oil lamp bases and various tile pieces are exhibited. While visiting the tile section, draw your attention to the rich figures such as game animals and double-headed eagles on the wall tiles. Most of the tiles of Konya Karatay Museum are among the artifacts found and brought from the Kubad Abad Palace excavation, which was built on the edge of Beyşehir Lake, which was used as the summer palace of the Seljuk sultans.

Konya Karatay Muzesi Duvar Cinileri Sergisi
Konya Karatay Muzesi Medresesi Cini Eserleri

Seljuk statesman Celaleddin Karatay, who had the Karatay Madrasa built and named after him. Celaleddin Karatay’s birthplace and date are unknown. Karatay was the commander of Alaeddin Keykubad for many years. After his death, he was brought to this madrasah he had built from Kayseri and was mummified and buried.

Konya Karatay Muzesi Celaleddin Karatay Turbesi
Celaleddin Karatay Türbesi
Konya Karatay Muzesi Medresesi Gezilecek Yerler
Karatay Medresesi

If you don’t notice the beauty of the door when you enter or leave the madrasa, turn your eyes and look again. This is one of the beautiful carved doors in the Seljuk State. Like every Seljuk gate, information about the construction of the madrasa, hadiths and verses are embossed on this gate and decorated with herbal elements.

Where is Karatay Museum and how to get there?

Access to Karatay Museum is very easy. It is located across the road on the northern slope of Alaaddin Hill. If you’re into tile art, don’t forget to visit the Owner Ata Foundation Museum, about 400 meters from the south of Alaaddin Hill. With its tile walls, it has survived to the present day in a good way.