Kutahya Castle

Kutahya Castle

Kütahya Castle, one of the high touristic sightseeing spots of Kütahya, turned out to be more impressive than we expected. It is a place where you can watch Kütahya, which has thousands of years of life in Anatolia, from the hill and see the unexpected nature around it.

Kütahya Castle was first built by the Byzantines who ruled the region. The point where the Inner Castle is located is the top of the hill. The hill, which has a steep and pointed structure, is 100 meters above the city center. The walls and bastions built around it to protect the citadel became difficult to reach thanks to the steepness of the hill. After the Byzantines, new structures were added and developed over time in line with the needs. It is a place where families with children should not leave their children unattended, because as I mentioned, the walls have formed a cliff and this situation can be dangerous.

Kutahya Kalesi Gezilecek Yerler
Kutahya Kalesi Burc Manzarasi

You can recognize the bastions of the castle even before you reach the castle. Evliya Çelebi mentions 70 bastions built one after the other in this way. Although most of the bastions have been destroyed, some of them have survived to the present day. Especially in spring, when the trees on Hisar Hill are green, these bastions look like flowers among the greenery. When you go up to the castle, we also see that the castle is used as a picnic area. Of course, it is nice to have a picnic in a place with a beautiful view, but it is more attractive for such a place to be a paid place under the Ministry of Culture and we would prefer the next generation to see this beauty.

Kutahya Kalesi Tarihi Kalintilar
Kutahya Kalesi Manzara Fotograflari

Kütahya Castle has a really dominant view of its surroundings. Since it is the highest region in the region, it can easily see everywhere. The neighborhood on the right as you go up towards the castle, which seems to be between the valleys, looks very beautiful. I am sure you will enjoy watching the castle view and historical Kütahya from the hill at the other end of the neighborhood. There is a tea garden at the end of the hill, it is possible to go up to that hill by car.

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Kutahya Kalesi Gezgin Cift

In the inner castle of the castle, there is a restaurant known as a revolving casino that can rotate 360 degrees in 45 minutes. If you go up to the inner castle, it is impossible not to see this structure built in the middle. When you sit and have breakfast, eat or have a drink, it allows you to watch the city panoramically without making you feel it.

Where is Kütahya Castle and how to get there?

Kütahya Castle is a castle that can be seen from many parts of Kütahya since it was built on a steep hill. It can be seen from the points where the old buildings of the city, especially Kütahya Museum and Kütahya Geology Museum, are located. Transportation to Kütahya Castle is not difficult, you can reach the castle by passing through Büyük Hisar Street by car. There are also free parking lots inside the castle where you can park your car.