Overview of Roma Passes: Is it Worth Buying?

Overview of Roma Passes: Is it Worth Buying?

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Rome is a very rich city in terms of places to visit. If you want to enter everywhere and taste every museum, it is more advantageous to get a Roma Pass. Moreover, transportation in the city is free with Roma Pass.

Is it worth buying a Roma Pass?

Roma Pass, which aims to provide discounts on cultural events, is a good choice for those who are curious about the inside instead of looking from the outside. Especially in popular places like the Colosseum, instead of waiting in long queues, you will save a lot of time by passing through the special turnstiles for Roman Passes. Castel Sant’Angelo and Musei Capitolini are other museums you can visit without waiting in line. If you are going to Rome for the first time and want to see everything in Rome, know that you will pay much more if you don’t buy a pass.

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Italya Roma Pass Kitapcigi Haritasi

The first two uses of the Roma Pass are free. Therefore, it would be the most logical choice to enter the most expensive places first. For example, instead of paying euros for the Colosseum, if you use your card there first, you can enter for free. Moreover, the Roman Forum next to it counts as the first entrance. Do not waste the advantage of the card by entering the first two 2€ museums. After the second museum you enter, any museum with a valid Roma Pass will offer you a discounted rate.

Transportation in the city with Roma Pass:

Ticket prices for transportation may vary depending on the location. We rarely used the transportation because everywhere in the city is within walking distance and we didn’t need public transportation much. However, if you need to use public transportation, you do not need to buy any public transportation tickets during the validity period of the card.

If you bought a 3-day Roma Pass, your card will expire at midnight on the 3rd day from the moment it is used. We traveled to Rome in this way. Going to the Vatican on the first day, where the Roma Pass is not valid, and starting the day by scanning your Roma Pass at the Colosseum on the morning of the next day may be a suggestion to get the most out of your card. For detailed information, please refer to our Rome travel guide article.

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If you buy a Roma Pass, you will receive a map of Rome and a detailed booklet with the Roma Pass card. You can learn the addresses of the places to visit, the entrance and the discount rates applied to the card thanks to this small booklet.

Where to buy a Roma Pass?

The Roma Pass can be purchased at all tourist offices, museums or archaeological sites. You can also buy your Roma Pass online and pick it up at Tourist Information Points when you arrive.

How much does a Roma Pass cost?

You should check the current prices of the 3-day Roma Pass on their website and the first 2 museums are free with this pass. There is also a 48-hour Roma Pass. It is valid for 48 hours, but entrance to 1 museum is free, transportation and other advantages are exactly the same. Keep in mind that most museums are closed on Monday.

Another alternative to the Roma Pass is the Roma Archeologia Card. If you are interested in this card, which is valid at the points affiliated to the Roman Archaeology Directorate, you can check it out on their website. You can check which museums you can use your card at the museums page where the Roma Pass is valid.