Traveling in Italy with Trenitalia


Italy is more developed than many countries in terms of train network. With the trains that produce the most suitable solution for your pocket, it allows you to reach the point you want to travel to both directly and via connecting trains.

Buying Tickets from Trenitalia

Trenitalia is the first company that comes to mind when it comes to train tickets in Italy. It is the company that offers the best train ticket prices both for intercity travel and within the city. Searching and buying tickets is easy, but there are a few extra things you need to know.

Go to the Trenitalia website and look for the search field. We used this online sales system on our way from Florence to Pisa and we were very happy with it. First of all, you need to determine the stops where you will start your journey and the stops where you will get off. Considering that there is more than one station in a city, a wrong choice can waste your time. You should know the names of the stops by their full names. Remember that the stop names used here are in Italian. For example, you can find Florence as Firenze and Venice as Venezia.

Trenitalia Bilet Arama

You can also filter train types on the website. Regional trains, which are the cheapest and therefore the slowest, have more stops and move slowly. Trains in the Frecce group are fast and naturally their prices are accordingly.

Trenitalia Bilet Listesi

It will be more profitable in terms of price if you prefer 2nd class tickets for train tickets. It is also possible to find cheap train tickets by making a combo within yourself when you buy your tickets weeks in advance without leaving them to the last day. When purchasing tickets through Trenitalia, follow the campaigns on this site. On some special days, you may have the chance to buy 2 tickets for the price of 1 ticket.

Trenitalia Ile Italya Yolculugu

Just bring the printouts of the tickets purchased online. Make sure you have a printout of the tickets as there is no online system to check them. You can also buy your tickets at the train stations. However, you must scan your ticket at the machines at the train stations.

These machines record the date and time you scan the ticket on the ticket. Therefore, the officials can see when you started to use the ticket. If you do not use it, you will be fined €50, which can burn your pocket.

Throughout my trip in Italy, I found that the trains departed and arrived on time, so make sure you get to the train stations early and check your platform number on the screens. Especially in big cities, platforms are far apart from each other, so you may have to run for 10 minutes to reach a platform that seems close.

If you have a suitcase in your hand, this can turn into a survivor’s journey. If you don’t know which train to take, just show your ticket to the staff on the platforms. They speak very little English, but they can easily guide you and point you to the right train.

Using the Internet on Trenitalia Trains

It is also possible to access the internet on the train, but for a fee. You have to pay €1 on your credit card to have internet that you can use as you wish throughout the journey. It should be noted that you can access the internet with the information provided.