Spanish Steps: One of Rome’s Busiest Stops

Spanish Steps: One of Rome’s Busiest Stops

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Spanish Steps is one of the busiest spots in Rome. Located in the square called Piazza di Spagna, this tourist attraction is a must-see for every tourist visiting Rome.

The Spanish Steps or Piazza di Spagna, named after the nearby Spanish Embassy, which has been in existence since the 17th century, is where you can find many famous brand shops. But not just like that, every street is full of shops. But the prices are, as you can imagine, very expensive. Better not talk about them at all.

Ispanyol Merdivenleri Cesmesi
Ispanyol Merdivenleri Spanish Steps

In the center of the square, as in every Roman square, there is a famous fountain. Built in 1627 with the support of Pietro Bernini and his son Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Fontana della Barcaccia (Old Boat Fountain) is believed to have been built in the shape of a boat in the 1500s, when the Tiber River, which divides Rome in two, overflowed due to excessive rain and when the flooded city was flooded, the only thing left in the square was a western boat.

The Spanish Steps are historical stairs that were opened for use in 1725. These stairs are constantly full of people sitting, having a drink, enjoying themselves and chatting. Dozens of people of all nationalities, young and old, are constantly on the move. There is such a circulation in the Spanish Steps.

This famous staircase, called Spanish Steps, connects the French church Trinita del Monti to Piazza Spagna. With its butterfly-shaped structure, the stairs give off an aesthetic aura, and although they have no other features other than this aesthetic appearance, they have managed to attract tourists with good advertising.

Spanish Steps Sallustiano Obeliski
Spanish Steps Trinita Dei Monti Kilisesi

Climb up the 130 steps and enjoy the view of the city towards the Vatican from the top. It is highly recommended to experience this view at sunset as well as during the day.

Obelisk of Sallustiano is one of only 13 ancient obelisks in Rome. The obelisk is 30 meters tall including its foundation and has various hieroglyphic reliefs on it. Behind the obelisk is a church built on the hill.

Ispanyol Merdivenleri Manzarasi Roma Gezisi

It is possible to enter the Trinita dei Monti church at the top of the Spanish Steps. Since the church is under restoration, it may spoil the photographs of the Spanish Steps. Entrance is free of charge and the front of the entrance door of the church is the best view point.

I remind you again, do not forget to enjoy the evening on these stairs, which should be at the top of the list of places to visit in Rome.