San Matteo National Museum


San Matteo National Museum, which can be reached by continuing to the right on the road called Lungarno Mediceo after the bridge named Ponte Conte Ugolino, is a museum where various historical artifacts dating back to the Middle Ages are exhibited.

San Matteo National Museum, which is the most important museum in Pisa where paintings and sculptures are exhibited, is right next to the Arno River. Located in a small square, you can see the museum in front of the statue of the revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini in two side buildings.

San Matteo Muzesi Tablolari
San Matteo Muzesi Yapisi

In addition to many sculptures by Nicola Pisano and Donatello, the museum also exhibits works by Italian painters Berlinghiero Volterrano, Giunta Pisano, Simone Martini, Lippo Memmi, Francesco Traini, Masaccio, Beato Angelico, Benozzo di Lese and Ghirlandaio.

San Matteo Muzesi Heykelleri
San Matteo Muzesi Bustleri

Enriched with ancient paintings, the museum also features medieval manuscripts. Dating back to the 13th century, religious statues made of wood and a collection of antique ceramics are also on display.

San Matteo Muzesi Hac Isaretleri
San Matteo Muzesi Haclar Tablolar