Roman Museum with Rome’s History and Traditions


Roman Museum, which was founded to show the history and traditions of Rome, is more like an art gallery. But when it was first established, it served as a city museum.

The Roman Museum was first opened in 1930. It was closed in 1939 after the Second World War and reopened in 1952. Previously housed elsewhere, it moved to its current location in the Palazzo Braschi, next to Piazza Navona.

Roma Muzesi Gezisi
Roma Muzesi Ici

The museum exhibits works from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, most of which were acquired through donations. The best part of the paintings is that you can see how the places you have visited or will visit looked like in the past centuries.

Roma Muzesi Resim Tablolari
Roma Muzesi Resim Heykel

The 3-story museum, the first floor of which is used as a temporary exhibition floor, contains sculptures and busts as well as paintings. But mainly there are paintings.

Roma Muzesi Heykeller
Roma Muzesi Suluboya Tablolar

The museum is not a big museum, you can visit it in half an hour if you don’t examine the pictures in detail. The entrance to the Roman Museum is free. If you have a time constraint, I recommend you not to waste time with this museum.