National Museum of Lithuania


The National Museum of Lithuania, one of the largest buildings that carries Lithuania’s cultural heritage, awaits visitors curious about the history of Lithuania.

One of the complexes that existed together with Gediminas Castle and Old Arsenal, the building called New Arsenal was first opened as a museum in 1855.

Litvanya Ulusal Muzesi Savas Maketi
Litvanya Ulusal Muzesi Savas Maketi 2

In the museum where artifacts from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania are exhibited, paintings of leaders are also on display. A 19th century printing press stands in the center of the hall like an instrument of torture.

Litvanya Ulusal Muzesi Lider Tablolari
Litvanya Ulusal Muzesi Baski Makinesi

In the rooms where Christian materials are displayed, there are various signs of the cross and a small figure of the last supper.

Litvanya Ulusal Muzesi Son Aksam Yemegi
Litvanya Ulusal Muzesi Hiristiyan

Various clothing and lifestyles, as well as the medals won by Lithuanian leaders, have also found their place in the National Museum of Lithuania.

Litvanya Ulusal Muzesi Yasam Tarzi 1
Litvanya Ulusal Muzesi Yasam Tarzi 2

This museum, where you can spend about 1 hour during your visit to Gediminas Castle, is open every day except Mondays.