Camp Caretta Fethiye Tent Campground

Camp Caretta Fethiye Tent Campground

Camp Caretta is one of the few places you can camp in Fethiye. It is a suitable camping area not only for tents but also for those traveling by caravan. If you like spending time in nature, in the company of chickens and roosters, sleeping and waking up with them, this place is ideal. Ms. Funda and Mr. Deniz with their smiling faces help you in every situation.

Camp Caretta has a suitable ground for camping. There are some overgrown trees, new saplings have been planted, many trees will shade this area in the future. Those who have a tent can come with their tents, those who do not can rent a tent here.

Camp Caretta Cadir Kamp Alani Konaklama
Fethiye Camp Caretta Cadir Kamp Alani Konaklama

Let’s talk a little bit about the camping facilities. There is a refrigerator you can use in the camp. The hot water setting and pressure in the showers should be revised. Since it is a newly opened campground, it is quite normal to have such minor deficiencies. Apart from these, there is also a washing machine that you can use for a fee. There is also an area where you can wash your dishes. We can meet all the needs that should be in a camp here. If you wish, you can also get breakfast and dinner service for a certain fee.

Camp Caretta Fethiye Cadir Kampi Alani
Camp Caretta Fethiye Cadir Kampi Tabelasi

Camp Caretta not only offers tent space but also activities where you can spend time. In the common area of the campground, there is a volleyball court, chess, reading areas, badminton, table tennis and a small pool. Moreover, the campground’s lovely dog can come to you if it feels like it. In the evenings they also watch movies with projectors, you can join in if you want. If you join, you will have more chances to pet the cute dog. In general, Camp Caretta is an alternative vacation option where you can feel at home and have a very pleasant time. Camp Caretta official phone number: +90 532 418 0992

Camp Caretta Fethiye Cadir Kampi Ortak Alani
Camp Caretta Fethiye Cadir Kampi Girisi

There is no beach belonging to Camp Caretta, but there is Günlüklü Bay 600 meters walking distance. The entrance to Günlüklü Bay and Beach, located within the borders of Küçük Kargı Nature Park, is paid. With the entrance ticket you buy, you have the right to enter all day long. You can go swimming in the morning, return to the campsite for lunch and go swimming again with the same entrance ticket. Since the road to Günlüklü Bay is also among the Günlüklü trees, a pleasant walk will be waiting for you every time.