Mersin Asthma Cave

Mersin Asthma Cave

Asthma Cave, located near Narlıkuyu in Silifke district, is 300 meters away from Cennet Cehennem Çökükleri. Like many caves, this cave is thought to be good for asthma patients thanks to its natural features. If you plan to visit Cennet Cehennem Obrukukları, be sure to stop by here.

What distinguishes Asthma Cave from other caves is that when you enter the cave, you feel the heat, not the cold. The total length of the cave, where you descend several floors via spiral iron stairs, is about 200 meters.

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The cave with giant stalactites and stalagmites in its galleries is also known as the Wish Cave. For this reason, you can see people tying pieces of cloth to the trees around the cave or tied rags. This cave is said to have a humidity of 85% in summer and 95% in winter.

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