Lithuanian Theater, Music and Cinema Museum

Lithuanian Theater, Music and Cinema Museum

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First opened in 1926 at the Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, the museum moved several times before finally moving to the Radvilos Palace in 1996.

The museum has 5 sections in total. The largest section, the theater section, contains photographs of celebrities, scenes from the theater exhibitions, portrait photos of famous theater actors and costumes.

Litvanya Tiyatro Muzesi Fotograf Bolumu
Litvanya Tiyatro Muzesi Fotograf Sergisi

The music section includes various musical instruments, including gramophones used in the 18th-20th centuries, old recordings, records and personal collections. Especially the perforated records and the wooden piano are among the most popular historical musical artifacts.

Litvanya Tiyatro Muzesi Delikli Plak
Litvanya Tiyatro Muzesi Tahta Piyano

Video recorders from various film studios are also on display in the cinema section. In addition to portrait posters and advertising prints of well-known people involved in the cinema profession, it is also possible to see the cameras produced between 1930 and 1970, bequeathed by the kemaraman Stepas Uzdonas.

Litvanya Tiyatro Muzesi Kameralar
Litvanya Tiyatro Ve Muzik Muzesi

The art and library sections contain books, publications and notes on the art sector. Creative works of Lithuanian designers, articles, characters created by Lithuanian designers, paintings by famous painters can be found in these two halls.