The Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius


One of the rare places where you can get lost among the huge power units is the Museum of Energy and Technology in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Built in 1903 on an area of 5000 square meters, the oldest power plant in the city was converted into a museum in 2003 and opened to visitors. The museum, which preserves its original form when it was used as a power plant, is quite large, so we recommend you to spend 2-3 hours.

In the car section of the museum, which is enriched with historical photographs, you can examine the development of cars and motorcycles from the oldest car, the 1904 Cadillac, to the 90s.

Enerji Teknoloji Muzesi Arabalar
Enerji Teknoloji Muzesi Motorsikletler

There are gas control panels, wind and solar panels and many other industrial materials that I don’t know the names of.

Enerji Teknoloji Muzesi Endustriyel
Enerji Teknoloji Muzesi Makine

In order for children to understand some scientific subjects more easily, a small room has been organized for them. The aim is to entertain the child visitors with nice games.

Enerji Teknoloji Muzesi Cocuklar Icin
Enerji Teknoloji Muzesi Serigraf Baski

The large sculpture Elektra by B. Balzukevicius, right in front of the museum, was destroyed in 1957 due to the war. It was recreated by the sculptor P. Mazuras in 1994, according to the original photographs.

Enerji Teknoloji Muzesi Sergisi
Enerji Teknoloji Muzesi Gezi Rehberi

If you are interested in big machines and engineering marvels, the Museum of Energy and Technology is the ideal place to see energy systems and pipes up close. You can reach the museum by crossing the Karalius Mindaugas Bridge after visiting the Old Town in Vilnius.