Things to Do Before Traveling Abroad


Whether we are traveling for a long trip or for a weekend, alone or as a couple, we experience a slight nervousness before we travel. This nervousness can put us in a state of confusion, a state of mind that makes us forget what we need to do.

To make our travels comfortable, there are some things we need to do in preparation and when we leave home. I wanted to keep these things under a single article so that we don’t have to keep an eye on what we are doing, wondering if we turned off the stove or left the window open. In this article, you will find a few suggestions that you should do before traveling.

Book Airline Tickets, Hotels and Cars Early

There are many benefits of buying flight tickets early and making hotel reservations before the day arrives. First of all, the price of the tickets will be much more affordable and you will not worry about paying too much money. If you book early, factors such as buying tickets and price increases will not affect you, so you will spend more time traveling. When renting a car, leaving the rental until the last minute may cause the vehicles to be sold out. It is best to make every reservation on time and not late.

Your Reservation Tickets and Documents

Keep your passport and a printout of your plane, hotel, train, bus tickets, whatever you have with you. Because in some places, even if you have it in your mail, the people in charge want to see your ticket or reservation on paper. This happened to us too, and then you will be looking for a printer. Send the same documents, including a photocopy of your passport, as an e-mail to yourself. If you go abroad, they may ask you some questions at passport control about where you will stay and how many days you will stay. If you take out the documents you have with you and explain the issue with the documents, they will not force you. To rent a car, make sure you have your driver’s license and passports in your wallet.

Check-In 24 Hours Before Your Flight

When you check in before you go to the airport, you do not have to deal with the hassle of queuing for a ticket to buy a ticket. If you do not have a suitcase, you can pass directly with your ticket information sent to your e-mail address or sent as sms. If you have a suitcase, you can go to the counters reserved only for luggage and complete your transaction quickly. You can also use kiosks at airports instead of online check-in.

Arrange Your Bills

We do not want our payments to be delayed while traveling. Delayed payments, especially credit card and loan payments, can be a headache later on. In order to prevent such situations, we can instruct our payments and ensure that they are paid on the due date. If we give automatic payment instructions for our bills, we will not be left behind.

Automatic Reply Feature for Incoming Emails

If you work with customers and don’t have a personal assistant, leaving emails unanswered may not be welcomed by the customer. Customers who cannot reach you in some way may feel uncomfortable because you do not respond. To avoid such problems, activate the option to automatically reply to your e-mails with an e-mail stating that you are on vacation and that you will get back to the customer upon your return from vacation.

Baggage Preparations

Don’t start packing at the last minute, pack a few days in advance and don’t forget to pack your daily chargers and toothbrush/paste on the last day. Carry an easily portable multi-socket outlet to charge your electronic devices more easily on your trip. Since your phone is the technological device you will use the most while traveling, don’t forget to take a powerbank that acts as a backup power unit. You won’t be caught in the middle when maps, photos and videos drain your phone’s battery.

Preparing Home for Travel

There are things you need to do before you leave home. Tidy up before you leave so that when you come back you find the house the way you want it. Throw away the garbage in the house. Leave no laundry or dishes lying around, everything clean and washed. Leaving a clean house has a positive effect. Unplug important and large appliances. Turn off the water valve. Make sure the stove is off. If you are going on a long-term trip, empty and unplug the refrigerator. Also make sure all windows are closed when you leave the house. If you are going on a long-term trip, give a key to a neighbor or relative to water the plants at home. Close and lock the balcony door and apartment door.

Sharing your travel plans

Share your travel plans with someone else. It is very useful for your relatives to know your route and where you will stay on which day while you are traveling.

Credit Card Control and Cash

If you use a credit card, make sure to find out whether your card is open for international travel on mobile applications or by calling your bank. Do not take more money than you need, just in case.

Cell Phone Preparations

If you need to download maps or languages for translation before you travel, download them when you have wifi at home. This way you can use your phone for touristic purposes without having to look for wifi abroad. If you pin the museums and tourist attractions on your map, you can quickly reach them by turning on the GPS. The location feature of phones called GPS can work without internet. Back up all the photos you have ever taken on your cell phone to your computer and delete them from your phone so that they don’t take up space. Make sure that your cell phones are closed to international calls. Otherwise, you will get your share of special tariffs abroad. Do not forget to turn off mobile data.

Information for After the Flight

After you get off your plane, make sure you know the transportation options to your hotel or hostel and write them down. Find out basic information such as taxi fares, whether UBER transportation is available, bus schedules, if you are traveling at night, whether buses run at night and where tickets can be purchased, and whether your hotel has a shuttle service.