A Deep Dive into the World’s Longest Over-Water Bridges


Have you ever wondered about the marvels of modern engineering? When we talk about these engineering feats, we can’t miss mentioning over-water bridges.

Stretching across vast expanses of water, they connect cities, countries, and even continents, symbolizing human triumph over geographical challenges.

Understanding Over-Water Bridges

When we say over-water bridges, what exactly do we mean? Simply put, they are bridges built over bodies of water—be it a sea, river, or lake. Beneath that simplicity lies a world of complex engineering and architectural brilliance that makes these structures possible.

Firstly, the construction of an over-water bridge involves intricate planning and design. Engineers need to consider factors like the depth and flow of the water, the materials to be used, and the potential impact on the local environment. What’s more, these bridges have to be designed to withstand everything from high winds and waves to earthquakes and typhoons.

So, why go through all this trouble to build over-water bridges? Why not opt for ferries or undersea tunnels instead?

Why Are These Bridges Important?

Well, the answer lies in the immense strategic and economic significance of these over-water bridges.

For starters, they offer a permanent, reliable, and efficient means of transportation, bolstering trade and connectivity. They also play a vital role in promoting tourism and fostering cultural exchanges, thereby contributing to social and economic development.

Moreover, over-water bridges are not just practical; they are also symbols of human ingenuity and resilience. Each bridge represents a story of overcoming hurdles and harnessing the power of technology and innovation.

So, are you ready to take a journey across the world’s longest over-water bridges and marvel at the engineering prowess that made them possible? Stay with us as we embark on this fascinating ride.

Top Ten Longest Over-Water Bridges in the World

These are the top ten longest over-water bridges in the world. Each one represents a triumph of engineering and a testament to human ingenuity.

Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge

The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China takes the crown as the world’s longest over-water bridge.

With an astonishing length of 164.8 kilometers, this engineering marvel forms part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. Imagine, it’s like connecting two cities that are as far apart as New York and Philadelphia with a single bridge!

Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge
Ekin Yalgin

The bridge stretches over the Yangtze River Delta, with most of it traversing low rice paddies interspersed with water. Not only a testament to China’s engineering prowess, it’s also a symbolic representation of China’s rapid modernization.

Changhua-Kaohsiung Viaduct

Next on our list is the Changhua-Kaohsiung Viaduct in Taiwan. This impressive bridge, spanning about 157.3 kilometers, forms part of Taiwan’s High-Speed Rail system.

This behemoth of a structure has not only enhanced transport across the west coast of Taiwan but has also become a symbol of national pride.

Changhua Kaohsiung Viaduct
Ekin Yalgin

It’s a testament to how man-made structures can co-exist with the environment, as its construction took special care to minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystems.

Tianjin Grand Bridge

The Tianjin Grand Bridge, another Chinese marvel, stands third on the list of longest over-water bridges. Part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, this 113.7-kilometer long bridge showcases how the Chinese have mastered the art and science of bridge construction.

Imagine being able to speed across such a vast distance in just a matter of minutes—it’s truly a feat that captures the imagination!

Cangde Grand Bridge

The Cangde Grand Bridge, also in China, extends over 105.8 kilometers, serving as another important part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway.

Despite the engineering challenges posed by the region’s high seismic activity, the bridge stands strong, symbolizing human determination and resilience.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Moving away from Asia, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in the United States is a notable mention on our list. With a length of 38.35 kilometers, it was once recognized as the longest over-water bridge by the Guinness World Records.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
Ekin Yalgin

The bridge connects the cities of Metairie and Mandeville in Louisiana, crossing Lake Pontchartrain. For many locals, this bridge is a lifeline that makes daily commuting possible.

Manchac Swamp Bridge

Also in the United States, the Manchac Swamp Bridge is the second-longest over-water bridge in the US and the seventh in the world.

This 36.69-kilometer long bridge is part of Interstate 55 in Louisiana. Driving across the bridge is an experience like no other, as it offers stunning views of the swamp below.

Donghai Bridge

China’s Donghai Bridge is the seventh-longest over-water bridge in the world. Spanning 32.5 kilometers, it links mainland Shanghai to the offshore Yangshan deep-water port.

The bridge has a unique S-shaped design to accommodate the marine conditions and strong typhoons common in the area.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Another testament to China’s bridge-building prowess, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge spans 35.67 kilometers across Hangzhou Bay.

Longest Bridges In The World
Ekin Yalgin

This bridge is not just a practical structure—it has also become a tourist attraction, complete with a service center and sightseeing services.

Runyang Yangtze River Bridge

The Runyang Yangtze River Bridge in China is a 35.66-kilometer long bridge complex that connects Zhenjiang and Yangzhou. The complex comprises two major bridges that soar across the Yangtze River, adding to China’s rich repertoire of over-water bridges.

Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge

Last but not least is the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge. At 34 kilometers, it’s the world’s longest sea crossing.

More than just a bridge, this project includes an undersea tunnel and four artificial islands, making it one of the most ambitious projects of its kind. The bridge serves as a vital link in the Greater Bay Area, promoting economic growth and integration in the region.


In essence, over-water bridges are more than just awe-inspiring feats of engineering. They are symbols of our desire to connect, to overcome challenges, and to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

These longest over-water bridges bear testimony to the indefatigable human spirit that continually strives to connect, build, and marvel.