Things to Know Before Highland Camping


Since the plateau roads are deviated places, places that do not have a proper road, even if they have a road, they can be stony, it is necessary not to act like going to a neighborhood. While going to the plateau, we will have a few points to recommend for those who want to camp on the plateau. If you pay attention to these, I can say that you will be much more comfortable during camping.

Know your route

If you have identified a plateau, research the roads leading to the plateau and the existence of alternative roads around it that can lead to the plateau. Draw the plateau road plan on a piece of paper or print it out using the satellite view feature of the maps. Because plateaus are usually places where there is no internet signal and GPS has trouble showing the way. As such, you need to research the roads well so that you do not get lost. Since the roads may be closed or snow-covered in winter, it may also be useful to learn alternative routes to reach the destination.

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Fill the tank

If you are going on a spontaneous road trip and don’t know where you are going or how long it will take, make sure you have enough gas in your car. Because the roads can take you to new routes. You may see the name of another brown plateau on the way to a plateau and continue in the direction of the signboard, wondering about it. Moreover, these plateau roads, which you do not know how far you will go, probably need more gasoline because they are not asphalt roads. There is no need to take risks, you can even keep a spare gas bottle of a few liters in your car.

Grocery shopping

Since the plateaus are not active spots, it is difficult to find a market established around the plateau. When going to the plateau, you should at least meet your food needs from the market in the center. How much shopping you need to do depends on your camping experience. If you have a limited camping time, the ideal purchases are the ones where you have no food to throw away after the camp is over. Of course, there is no harm in shopping more when your return is uncertain.

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Protection against flies

It is important to take precautions against flies and insects in order not to poison the highland camping so that you can have a pleasant evening. It is possible to prevent insects that prefer light from biting you with fly repellent sprays. You should not keep the entrance of the tent open to avoid any insects inside the tent. You should act as fast as possible at the entrance and exit and pull the zipper. Otherwise you may be disturbed by opportunistic flies all night long.

Dress warmly

The highlands you go to are mostly colder than the city centers. Even if you go during the daytime, you can feel the coldness clearly. Just think about the night. High temperature differences between day and night are an indication that you will have a troublesome night if you do not have enough equipment. A mat that can block the cold coming from underground, a sleeping bag that can keep you warm in low weather conditions, and your choice of clothes have a direct impact on your comfort at night. If you think you will light a fire and warm up, think about the time after the fire goes out and you go to sleep.

For those living in the city, highland camps are very enjoyable as you are in touch with nature. You can eat in the moonlight and sleep among the sounds of wolves and owls. We think there is nothing like being in nature. You can have a nice camping experience by making the preparations we mentioned. You can read our camping articles on Erikli Plateau, Yedigöller National Park, Kuzuyayla Nature Park, Menekşe Plateau and you can access all our camping articles by searching tent camping. Enjoy camping in advance.