The Filming Locations of Netflix’s Wednesday: How Bucharest Breathes Life


Today, we’re going to delve into the fascinating world of Netflix’s series – Wednesday. This unique and intriguing series has grabbed the attention of audiences around the world, prompting conversations, theories, and of course, the eternal question – where was it filmed?

Netflix, as a streaming titan, has consistently shown its prowess in delivering top-tier content across different genres. Their success with mystery series has been particularly noteworthy, with Wednesday being one of the latest addition to their portfolio of captivating narratives.

Understanding Netflix’s Series – Wednesday

Wednesday is an enchanting series that weaves a rich tapestry of mystery, drama, and intriguing character arcs.

Each episode not only pushes the story forward but also unravels a little more about the characters and their intertwined destinies. Whether it’s the gripping plot or the beautifully fleshed-out characters, the series captures the essence of compelling storytelling.

An overview of the plot reveals a tale that combines classic elements of mystery with contemporary narratives.

Bucharest Wednesday Series Filmed
Ekin Yalgin

The story revolves around Wednesday Addams, one of the most beloved characters from the iconic Addams Family, navigating through her teenage years in Nevermore Academy. As she learns to master her emerging psychic abilities, she also solves her town’s supernatural mysteries.

The characters are the backbone of this series. Each character is unique, imbued with their quirks and personality traits. From the main characters to the supporting cast, everyone plays a crucial role in moving the plot forward and keeping the audiences hooked.

The Importance of Location in Storytelling

The location of a series is akin to an unsung character, a silent protagonist that breathes life into the story. They form an integral part of the plot, setting the tone, creating the ambiance, and influencing the narrative. From providing an authentic backdrop to influencing character development, the locations chosen for filming significantly impact storytelling.

In the world of Netflix series, fascinating locations have often played pivotal roles. Remember the enthralling landscapes in “Stranger Things” or the historic grandeur of “The Crown“?

Olga Greceanu Mansion Wednesday Series
Olga Greceanu MansionEkin Yalgin

Similarly, in Wednesday, the filming locations not only add a layer of visual appeal but also embed themselves into the storyline, providing context and color to the unfolding narrative.

In the upcoming sections of the article, we’ll explore the main filming locations, their impact on local communities, and even provide a guide for fans who wish to walk the path of Wednesday.

Where Was The Netflix Series Wednesday Filmed?

One of the joys of watching the compelling Netflix series Wednesday is experiencing the wonderfully eerie settings that create a backdrop for the unfolding mysteries.

The series, steeped in Gothic charm and a looming sense of foreboding, cleverly uses its locations to enhance the narrative, adding a layer of visual interest and depth to the storyline.

The big surprise? Despite the storyline unfolding in the United States, Wednesday was filmed entirely in the enchanting city of Bucharest, Romania. This choice of location was no mere accident; it was a carefully considered decision that has greatly impacted the series’ overall ambiance and appeal.

A Nod to Romania’s Gothic Allure

Bucharest, Romania’s vibrant capital, offers an irresistible allure for productions seeking a rich architectural history and gothic charm. Its landscape teems with imposing structures, centuries-old landmarks, and eerie quiet corners that fit right into the Addams Family universe.

For Tim Burton, the creative force behind Wednesday, Bucharest’s distinctive aesthetic was a natural fit for the series. The city’s allure lies in its reputation for mystery, making it the perfect location for a series steeped in enigma and intrigue.

Bucharest Dimitrie Branzda Botanical Garden Wednesday Series
Bucharest Dimitrie Brânzdă Botanical GardenEkin Yalgin

Despite the challenge of transforming Bucharest’s unique character to mirror Vermont’s vibe – where the story is supposed to take place – the series skillfully managed to achieve a visually captivating setting that draws viewers into the world of Wednesday Addams.

Filming Locations: A Blend of Authenticity and Artistry

Wednesday showcases several fascinating filming locations within Bucharest, each lending its unique vibe to the series. Let’s take a tour of these locations and understand how they breathe life into this extraordinary series.

  • The Royal Family’s Hunting Lodge (Nevermore Academy): One of the key locations in the series, the Royal Family’s Hunting Lodge, sets the scene for Nevermore Academy. The majestic structure, with its striking architectural features, provides a fitting setting for the institution that plays a significant role in the narrative.
  • Monteoru House (Boarding School and Classes of Nevermore Academy): The Monteoru House doubles as the boarding school and classes of Nevermore Academy. This grand edifice, with its historical significance and architectural beauty, contributes immensely to the series’ visual storytelling.
  • Bucharest Dimitrie Brânzdă Botanical Garden (Biology Courses Location): The verdant and lush Bucharest Dimitrie Brânzdă Botanical Garden serves as the location for the biology courses in the series. This natural oasis in the heart of the city offers a refreshing contrast to the series’ otherwise gothic aesthetic.
  • Polytechnic University (Series Debut Location): The very first seconds of the series were shot at the historic Polytechnic University. This imposing structure immediately sets the tone for the series, enticing viewers with its grandeur and mystery.
  • Dinamo-Tolea Grințescu Swimming Pool (Piranhas Scene): Remember the chilling scene where Wednesday drops piranhas? That was filmed at the Dinamo-Tolea Grințescu swimming pool, a location that adds an unexpected twist to the series’ narrative.
  • Olga Greceanu Mansion (Gate Mansion): The Olga Greceanu Mansion served as the filming location for the Gate Mansion in the series. Its grand exterior and interiors added a touch of authentic Romanian elegance to the series.
  • Buftea Studios (Jericho City): The Buftea Studios was transformed into Jericho City for the series. This highlights the artistry and creativity of the series’ production team, who successfully created a whole new world within the confines of a studio.

A Boost for Local Tourism

The filming of Wednesday has undoubtedly shone a spotlight on Bucharest, presenting it to the global audience in a new and intriguing light. As fans of the series flock to these filming locations, they contribute to the local economy and promote cultural exchange.

For a mere 40 Euros, fans can even step into the shop where Wednesday bought her notorious black dress and enjoy a local meal. This level of interaction brings the series closer to the fans and allows them to experience Wednesday’s world firsthand.


In conclusion, the Netflix series Wednesday ingeniously utilizes the gothic charm and captivating architecture of Bucharest, Romania, to create a visually stunning and evocative narrative.

The city’s unique aesthetic and historical significance greatly contribute to the series’ success, creating an immersive viewing experience for the audience.