Benefits of Camping


Being in the middle of nature, where there is no noise, camping is an activity that every nature lover should try. Everyone should experience this. However, some of us do not go to tent camps either out of laziness or lack of courage, even though we would like to have a tent vacation.

It is not uncommon for those who want to camp to want to camp more after camping. Here are a few reasons that will encourage you to go camping and give you some courage.

You Become Part of Nature

City life bores us all and we all need a mental recharge. The best way to do this is to go out into nature, to breathe in the air of nature. We leave our tension and stress to nature and wrap the beauty of nature around our bodies. Being in touch with nature, tent camping is the best therapy method. You have time to listen to yourself and clear your head.

A Blessing for Your Pet

If you have a pet, and especially a dog, camping is the perfect activity for them. You can immediately see the happiness in the eyes of animals when they are in their original place, with mother earth. This means that when you go on vacation, you won’t worry about your pet’s condition and it will save you the trouble of looking for expensive hotels that accept pets.

Camping Saves Life from Routine

For those who have a job, camp life allows them to get away from the routine of going to work and coming home. There is no concept of time. You can do whatever you want whenever you want. You spend your time in a simple way, away from chaos.

Duzce Simsirlik Kamp Alani Evcil Hayvanlari
Şimşirlik Campground
Kartepe Kuzuyayla Tabiat Parki Piknik Alani
Kuzuyayla Nature Park

Best View

When you unzip your tent, a lake, a mountain or a plateau can be the most beautiful view in the world. And you don’t even need to spend hundreds of dollars for this. Camping is the easiest way to taste the beauty of the stars at dusk at night and the beauty of nature during the day that you cannot buy with money.

Camping is the Most Economical Accommodation

Camping is one of the most economical ways of accommodation. You have the opportunity to camp for days even with a single night’s pay for hotels or hostels. Moreover, by providing your minimum needs. When you set up a tent in a more free place rather than a facility, you will not spend a penny out of your pocket. Moreover, tent camping activities save you the trouble of booking.

Yedigoller Cadir Kampi Konaklama Gezisi
Bolu Yedigöller National Park Campground
Yedigoller Kamp Alani Gezi Turu

Camping is Practicality, Freedom

If you are someone who pitches a tent while traveling, you have the opportunity to camp and stay in the places you like. You determine how long you will stay. Moreover, if you are traveling, you open your tent at night and sleep in it. You wake up at sunrise and continue on your way. Camping is a fast and economical solution, especially for those traveling by motorcycle or vehicle.

You learn to be content with less

We waste so much without realizing it. Making more than we can eat, buying more than we need. You learn to use a little water, bread or whatever you have on hand with willpower. This training will be effective in your routine life and you will be more comfortable with minimizing your consumption level, and avoiding waste will suddenly become a part of your life.

Camp Increases Your Social Aspects

Camp life is generally an activity for like-minded people. Even if the people in the camp are from different cultures, they think like you. Also, if you need help with something like lighting a fire or getting a missing material, the people who can help you the best are the other campers. We asked for lighters, we asked for barbecue wire, and we benefited from the fire they lit. Whether you camp with people you know or people you don’t know, the most important benefit of camping is that it strengthens your communication with people, especially nothing can replace sincere conversations by the fire.

In short, tent camping is the most beautiful and unique vacation option ever. You free yourself from the bondage of the city, concrete, four walls and leave yourself to the dominance of green, nature and soil. This is where inner peace is found.