Birgi: Cute Village of Ödemiş and Historical Birgi Houses

Birgi: Cute Village of Ödemiş and Historical Birgi Houses

Birgi is the most popular spot in Ödemiş. It is a place with a stream running through the middle and after the winter season, you can witness it flowing towards summer. Everywhere you go, everything you see has witnessed a moment in history. It is like an open air museum. Old mansions, mausoleums, mosques, madrasahs, and tombs will appear in Birgi, which was the capital of the Aydinogullari Principality. Each of them are very important structures.

Brief information about the history of Birgi

Birgi, the most popular village of Ödemiş, is a touristic village with traces from every part of history. Its history dates back to 2000 BC. Located on the slopes of Bozdağ next to the Ödemiş Plain, Birgi has seen many civilizations from the Phrygians to the Ottomans.

Although Birgi had a bad past with the Greek occupation in the 1920s, when the houses in the village were demolished and the artifacts were destroyed, today Birgi is a protected area at the foot of Bozdağ, with its values that have survived to the present day among the greenery, and is one of the places worth seeing in Izmir with its architectural elements.

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What to do in Birgi?

Since the people in Birgi, where the Green Sea series was filmed, are used to tourists, you do not feel any shyness or coldness. In fact, they are very favorable to the positive development of tourism. Therefore, you can visit easily.

Birgi has two big squares and the touristic places are gathered around these squares. One of them is Aydınoğulları Square. Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey Mosque and Mausoleum is located at the most lively point of Birgi. Built in the 14th century, the mosque is also known as Birgi Great Mosque. Its minaret covered with tiles is worth seeing. In the mausoleum, there are the coffins of Mehmet Bey, who built the mosque, and Gazi Umur Bey, Isa Bey and Bahadır Bey, who became the head of the state after the death of Mehmet Bey’s sons. You will also see a statue of Gazi Umur Bey in this square. Gazi Umur Bey was a successful sailor and statesman. It is said that he was the one who took Izmir from Byzantium and was the one who walked the ships on land before Mehmet the Conqueror. The site of Gazi Umur Bey is accompanied by the beautiful view of the nature along with the mansions that are about to be demolished or restored. Ümmü Sultan Şah Tomb in the center of the square is the mausoleum built for Mehmet Bey’s sister. It is also called Hatuniye Kumbet. Right in this square, you can also examine the Birgi map on the billboards.

Birgi Aydinoglu Mehmet Bey Camii
Birgi Ummu Sultan Sah Turbesi Gezilecek Yerler
Birgi Ümmü Sultan Şah Tomb

Historical Birgi Houses

Birgi Houses will be the most important building group that attracts your attention on your Birgi trip. These mostly two-story houses consist of warehouses, stables and living spaces. Most houses have their own courtyard or garden. Although some houses have been restored and brought to tourism, some still look like they are about to be demolished. Some houses have been decorated with various artistic paintings and have a different atmosphere.

Birgi Tarihi Birgi Evleri
Birgi Odems Yapilacak Seyler
Birgi's view resembling Tuscany, Italy

Some of the mansions of Birgi, where the rich people of the region used to live, have been restored and some have been abandoned to their fate due to neglect. Kerim Aga Mansion, Sandıkoğlu Mansion, Çakırağa Mansion, which was under renovation during our visit and which we could not enter because it was closed, are among the mansions worth seeing in Birgi. Sheikh Muhiddin Bath, Küp Uçuranlar Tower, which is a watchtower, Demirli Store, one of the examples of Ottoman retailing, Güdük Minaret are among the other touristic structures in Birgi.

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Artistic streets in Birgi
Birgi Tarihi Sokaklari Caddeleri

It is also possible to stay in Birgi. Some of the stone houses have been converted into boutique hotels. We did not stay here, but you can find hotels in Birgi with a short search on the internet. These establishments are also used as breakfast places in Birgi. Even if you don’t stay, you can try these breakfast places to taste the local flavors of Birgi.

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Where is Ödemiş Birgi and how to get there?

Birgi is a district of Ödemiş and 12km away from the district center. The distance between Izmir and Birgi is 125km (2h). After arriving in Ödemiş, you can reach Birgi by taking the Birgi road. If you are going to reach Birgi by bus, you can use Ödemiş buses from Izmir bus station. It is also possible to reach Birgi by train. You can reach Ödemiş district center in two hours from İzmir Basmane Station. The advantage of the train is that it is cheaper than other means of transportation. After arriving in Ödemiş, you need to use Birgi minibuses for transportation to Birgi.

You have been to Birgi, but you should not ignore the places to visit around Birgi. Lübbey Village, an abandoned village, and Gölcük, the lake of Bozdağ at 1200 altitude, should be among the places you should see.