Midyat is the city that best describes Mardin in terms of culture and history. Along the narrow streets you can see and touch the ornaments adorned with various motifs on the yellow limestone stone, which can be easily processed, and you can feel the history and durability of centuries. Surrounded by 4-meter-high walls, this historic city with its many mosques, churches and monasteries is a favorite of television series.

The State Guesthouse, known for its magnificent stone work, has been the scene of the filming of many TV series, especially Sıla. This 3-story mansion, which is said to have once belonged to a Christian and was donated to the state after his death, is open to visitors. Its terrace has one of the most beautiful views you can see. You will not be able to get enough of the exquisite panoramic view of Midyat.

Midyat Sila Evi
Sila Evi Teras

The houses encountered while wandering the streets of Midyat are mostly two-storeyed. When you pass the entrance door opening to the courtyard, you can see that the lower floor is mostly used as a cellar.

Midyat Dar Evler

Mardin houses are built on a grid plan called Hippodamos. You need to go to the beginning of the street to cross to a lower street. There are tunnels to make the transition easier. These tunnels called Abbara are narrow. Therefore, in military terms, when the city is invaded, the movement of the regular army is restricted. Considering that Mardin castle is also used for defense purposes, it is very difficult to besiege the city.

Midyat Evleri