Tisan Museum

Tisan Museum

There is a peninsula in Silifke that was discovered by chance, but today serves as a holiday village. This natural beauty called Tisan or Tisan Bay is 31 km from Silifke. Tisan is also a popular destination for those who fish and love fishing. Those who just want to realize this hobby rent one of the houses in Tisan and live here for a few days.

On our way to Tisan, the view at the summit is beautiful. You can see the Tisan Island to the east and the bays to the left and right from a bird’s eye view. Tisan Bay, called a hidden paradise by the people of Silifke, is preferred for its turquoise sea and natural beauty. If you stay here, be sure to see Flamingo Bay on the east side and Pirate Bay on the west side behind the big bays.

Mersin Silifke Tisan Koyu Gezisi
Mersin Silifke Tisan Koyu Adasi

Tisan also has ruins from the ancient period. Aphrodisias Ancient City, founded in the 7th century BC, is actually a port city with harbors in the east and west directions. Like many ancient cities in Cilicia, it was dedicated to Aphrodite.

Mersin Silifke Tisan Koyu Manzarasi
Mersin Silifke Tisan Koyu

When you are in front of the cove on the east side of Tisan, if you look to the right diagonal, you will see a white security hut. You should go right next to the hut to see a few columns from the ancient city and the Byzantine period. That area is the Tisan Museum. The mosaics on the floor between the columns and stone walls are covered with sand to protect them.

It is quite troublesome to reach Tisan and its bays. Although the distance to Tisan is 5 km as the crow flies on the Mersin – Antalya road, the time and distance increases due to the bends in the roads and the cliffs on the sides of the road. The distance increases to 20 km. Therefore, it takes half an hour on the main road, and if you calculate the return trip and if you are not staying here, there is not much need to come here.