Museum Fotoatelier Seidel: Century-Old Photography Studio

If you are fascinated by the fascinating world of photography, there is a wonderful studio in Cesky Krumlov you can visit. The Seidel Museum of Photography is a 19th-century studio where you can see the story of the beginnings of photography and the fate of the photography profession.

The studio, where time has been stopped with traditional photography methods, belongs to the owner Josef Seidel and his son Francis, from whom it takes its name. Josef Seidel, who lived between 1859 and 1935, was a renowned photographer in Cesky Krumlov who specialized in portrait and landscape photography.

Working as an assistant in many studios since he was a young boy, Seidel became well known as a photographer and photographed many people, not only in Cesky Krumlov but also in other towns and cities.

Seidel Fotograf Studyo Muzesi Belgeleri
Seidel Fotograf Studyo Muzesi Eserleri

The Seidel Photo Studio was opened in 2008 as a museum of memories of the Seidel family. It includes not only personal memories but also photographs and negatives from the region called Sumava, including the Bohemian Forest.

Josef Siedel Studyosu Gezisi
Josef Siedel Studyosu Yapisi

Among the rooms visited is the darkroom where photographs are processed with various chemicals. It is really exciting to visit a century-old studio. In the room next to the darkroom, you can watch the documentary film prepared for the Seidel family.

Seidel Fotograf Studyo Muzesi Karanlik Oda
Seidel Fotograf Studyo Muzesi Karanlik Odasi

The museum is located at Linz Street No. 272, which you can find after crossing the bridge called Benes Most. Housed in a 1905 building, the Seidel Museum of Photography can be visited with a free audio guided tour.

Seidel Fotograf Studyo Muzesi Kutuphane Kitaplari
Seidel Fotograf Studyo Muzesi Camlar

The Seidel family, whose photographs appear on many postcards, lived and worked here for a while. One of the rooms in the museum used to be the Seidel family’s bedroom.

Seidel Studyosu Yatak Odasi

In the attic of the studio, you can see books belonging to the Seidel family and the negatives they have taken so far. The museum can be visited for a small fee.