Powder Tower: Original Gate of the City of Prague


The Powder Tower, also known as the Powder Gate, is one of dozens of gothic buildings in Prague. Separating the Old Town from the New Town in Prague, it is an original city gate.

Used as a gateway to the city instead of a defense tower, it is one of the city’s 13 gateways. Built in 1475, the tower became known as the Powder Tower in the 17th century because it was used as a gunpowder store.

Prag Powder Tower Gezisi
Prag Powder Tower Gezilecek Yerler

Powder Tower is one of the few towers in the city that you can climb. The view of Prague from this tower is just as beautiful as from the other towers. Especially after noon, before the sun sets, you can witness the soft texture of the city.

Prag Powder Tower Manzarasi
Prag Powder Tower Manzara Cekimi

The full height of the tower is 65 meters, but the panoramic viewing platform is 44 meters high and you have to climb 186 steps to reach it.