Sile Sakligol

Sile Sakligol

Saklı Göl, located in Kamandere Village in Şile district of Istanbul, has a facility that nature lovers who want to get away from the crowds of the city will like.

The facility built on Saklıgöl, one of the few places where you can relax within the borders of Istanbul, is preferred by many people to have breakfast, especially on weekends.

Sakligol Manzarasi
Sakligol Gol Manzarasi

You can reach Saklıgöl after parking your car at the entrance and climbing a wooden staircase up a small hill. The lake is 60 meters wide and 420 meters long. The ducks on the lake and the huts built in the middle of the lake are very cute. The viewing terraces around the lake offer a unique environment to its visitors.

Sakigol Seyir Terasi
Sile Sakligol Ordekler

The lakeside establishment offers many options to its visitors. You can have breakfast, drink tea in a samovar, have a barbecue, or bring your own materials and rent one of the tables, which are charged according to the location and the number of people. In my opinion, the service is not very good and the food is more expensive than it should be. If those who go to Saklıgöl once prefer it for the second time, it is probably because it is in nature.

Sile Sakligol Tesis
Sile Sakligol Kahvalti Tesisi

Since the lake is in high demand in the summer months, especially on weekends, visitors who go with their private vehicles may not be able to find a parking space. Starting the day early and reaching Saklıgöl early will also be beneficial in this respect. Otherwise, you may have to wait for other vehicles to leave for a while.

What to do in Saklıgöl?

There are 21 km long hiking and cycling trails around the lake. At the other end of these trails accompanied by plenty of oxygen and fresh air, you can also see the Darlık Dam, which was built in 1988 to provide drinking and utility water.

Where is Saklıgöl and how to get there?

You can reach this hidden natural wonder 4.5 km after the Saklıgöl direction on the way to Ağva from Şile.