Sinop's Hidden Treasure Gerze

Sinop's Hidden Treasure Gerze

Gerze, a charming district of Sinop, is one of the prominent places in Sinop with its clean beach and forests. Surrounded by Dikmen, Sinop, Boyabat, Gerze is a peaceful tourism paradise.

Gerze is a small port area and in my opinion the sweetest district of Sinop. Gerze, which appeared in history with names such as Zagora, Gürzühatun, Savetove, Argibete, was derived over time when the Paflagonians called the western region of Kızılırmak Gezonolit and the name Gerze became dominant.

Sinop Gerze Limani Gezi Notlari
Sinop Gerze Limani Gezi Yazisi

There used to be a livelihood in Gerze with tobacco farming. However, with the closure of the tobacco factory, the people had to deal only with fishing. Gerze is the shelter and accommodation place for fishing boats, where you can take great photos along the harbor coast.

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Gerze is a small town and there is a beautiful park built by the municipality on the seashore of Gerze. The park, which has a Turkish flag on it, is decorated with cartoon characters based on Flintstone. You can have a drink with a sea view in the beautiful cafes on this park. You can also enjoy swimming in the sea inside the harbor, which is always like a sheet. Don’t leave without seeing the lighthouse at the other end of Gerze.

Sinop Gerze Liman Feneri Gezisi
Sinop Gerze Liman Feneri Dalgakiran

Gerze’s Black Fire

Gerze is a place with very beautiful low-rise houses. The houses called fire houses also have a bad history. On February 13, 1956, a woman overturned a barbecue and the fire that started to flare up grew in a short time and destroyed a large part of the wooden houses in Gerze. As we said, tobacco was the main source of income. Especially in the season of the fire, there were dried tobacco in every house. There are strong lodos in Gerze from time to time. The people of Gerze were not allowed to light a fire or stove, not even to smoke a cigarette in lodos.

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While the wife of the newly appointed Gerze district administrator was barbecuing, there was a knock on the door and even though she opened the door a little, the lodos wind knocked the barbecue over. The embers from the barbecue in the center of the room scattered on the floor. Of course, the fire starts and the people in the house throw themselves out to save their lives. At that time, electricity was very limited and telephone service was not like it is today. In Gerze, when there was a fire, everyone took their guns and rifles and fired into the air, and in other ways, the fire departments in the neighboring provinces and districts were notified. When people coming from dinner and the mosque see that their houses are on fire, they go to get water and support them, but the size of the fire rises so fast that by the time the owner comes back from the water, there is no house or anything else left. The tobacco, hay and wood from that house continue to spread and burn other houses.

Ali Efendi, who wanted to escape the fire, took refuge in the bathhouse in Gerze. The bath is made of stone and fireproof. When a few people who saw Ali Efendi entered the bathhouse, there were already 15 to 20 people in the small stone building. As the fire continued in Gerze, the supposedly fireproof bathhouse started to catch fire. The wooden outbuildings of the bathhouse were consumed by the fire. Those who took shelter lost their lives by suffocation. On February 15, 1956, Cumhuriyet published a newspaper with the headline “Gerze, a pile of ashes”. Nearly 20 people lost their lives, 833 houses and 300 shops were destroyed in the 18-hour fire.

Sinop Gerze Yangin Evleri Cumhuriyet Gazetesi

When the Gerze fire happened, the whole world, from seven to seventy, was aware of this fire. There were many aids such as giving the revenues of football matches to Gerze, donating the revenues of taxis and minibuses to Gerze. Then Celal Bayar came to Gerze, declared that no one would be victimized and left. At that time, there was no law that would allow the state to provide aid in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood. In the following days, a disaster law was enacted under the Gerze law and houses were built by the state. Those who wished could build their own houses and receive aid from the state, while those who wished could buy two-story houses built by the state. After the fire, it was rebuilt by the state and turned into a modern district. Even though years have passed after the destruction of houses with gardens and rose gardens, the people of Gerze are still deeply saddened by this situation.

Sinop Gerze Yangin Evleri Tarihi
Sinop Gerze Yangin Evleri Tarihcesi

Gerze Rooster

Gerze also has a rooster. Although it is not as famous as the Denizli rooster, it is a species with jet black feathers and a red ibibik, which has become famous as the Gerze rooster in the world poultry literature. Gerze roosters, which crow regularly in the morning, noon, second, evening, night and night, know their owners, are jealous and fierce.

White Whale Aydin

In 1991, Gerze became famous for Aydın, a friendly white whale that was not afraid of people and lived on the fish they gave it. Aydın, who came from Sevastopol, Ukraine, turned out to be a Beluga white whale. According to the Russians, he escaped from the research pool of the Institute of Evolution and Morphology of Animals of the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to the British, it escaped from the military zone in Kazachi Bay, where it was raised as a mine carrier. Aydın, who was identified as being in Gerze because of his world fame, was one day forcibly taken away by Russian officials, even though the people did not want him to be.

After enjoying the sweet tranquility of Gerze, we recommend you to visit Sinop and its surroundings. Sinop is a city with all natural beauties. Our Sinop Travel Guide article may be useful for you.