How to Stay Warm in a Sleeping Bag?


Sleeping bags are one of the most important materials to keep us asleep and energized throughout the night. They are designed to capture the heat your body produces and prevent it from escaping. Therefore, they also prevent the intake of cold air. However, if you are not familiar with the conditions for using a sleeping bag, you may not be able to sleep through the night in cold weather.

Don’t be fooled by the sun during the day, be prepared for night and frosty temperatures. What could be worse than waking up at night shivering? Here are some tips to help you sleep better during the fall season or cold winter nights. There are sure to be some that will come in handy.

There are three main things you need to know to stay warm in a sleeping bag:

The adequacy of the basic materials: Sleeping bag rating, an insulating pillow and a good campsite chosen for the tent are the first things you need to consider to stay warm.
Avoiding factors that affect the temperature: It is important that the clothes you sleep in are dry. Going to the toilet before going to sleep is also an important tip to keep warm.
Increasing the heat: It is also important to help your body radiate heat with high-bargohydrate foods and light exercise.
Major Causes of Heat Loss

Sleeping bag temperature: The first important thing is to have a sleeping bag suitable for fall or winter conditions. A +15 degree sleeping bag will not help you in winter conditions. Sleeping bags have degrees. The comfort rating is the rating that means you will be comfortable at that temperature. There is also a lower limit rating that is lower than the comfort rating. But it is the comfort rating that you should look at.

Mat use: Your body constantly produces heat, but if you don’t know how to protect it, the heat it produces is meaningless. At night, the floor is quite cold. Sleeping mats provide thermal insulation in cold conditions and prevent cold air coming from the floor, allowing you to sleep more comfortably. If you want to use a sleeping bag in snow and winter, a sleeping bag or a mat alone may not be enough. If possible, you can use two mats or one inflatable mat.

Dry clothes: We mentioned that sleeping bags are designed to capture the heat your body produces and prevent it from escaping. The clothes you are wearing can increase the amount of insulation between your skin and the cold air outside. If you think of a sleeping bag as an insulated house, you would still wear clothes to keep warm in winter. This makes you feel warmer than standing naked. There are also things to consider when it comes to clothing.

If you fill it with extra materials that reduce the amount of warm air inside and if you wear too many clothes, it can lower your temperature.
Tight-fitting underwear, socks and clothing can reduce circulation and make you feel cold.
If you wear or keep damp or wet clothes in the sleeping bag that compromise the air in the sleeping bag, it will absorb moisture, but the warmth effect of the sleeping bag will be reduced.
If you wear too many clothes in the sleeping bag, you will sweat, which will make you feel cold. As soon as you realize that you are sweating, you need to take off your extra clothes.
Factors that reduce heat in camping

Clean socks There are times when we can’t keep our feet warm in the sleeping bag. Make sure your socks and feet are dry when you get into the sleeping bag. Because if you get into the bag with damp or sweaty feet, you will constantly lose heat. If possible, wear a clean pair of socks.

Uncovered head: Our head is also one of the areas that cause heat loss. This is because we need to leave our face uncovered to breathe. If the jumpsuit has a mechanism to cover the head, use it, if not, use a head cover such as a beanie to prevent heat from escaping.

Do you need to use the toilet? Go to the toilet before going to sleep, even if you wake up at night and need to use the toilet, get up and go to the toilet. Because your body uses the heat from your body to keep every liquid you have warm. You don’t want to waste energy on things that you want to expel.

What to do for more heat?

Eat before bedtime: When you feel cold, it can be good to have a snack. Keep things like chocolate in your tent in case you wake up feeling cold, it will get your metabolism going and you’ll have the calories to keep your body warm.

Fluid consumption: Make sure you drink enough fluids before going to bed. Liquids such as water, hot tea and hot chocolate will provide you with the body energy needed to keep you warm.

A short walk before bed: Warm up your body by taking a short walk before getting into your sleeping bag. Your body temperature is the most important factor that will keep you warm in the bag. A walk, push-ups, sit-ups or jumping jacks at a level where you don’t sweat are good.

Exhaling into the jumpsuit: You lose most of the heat from your body through your head. A hat on your head will prevent heat dissipation and keep you at a high temperature. You can try to warm your head by putting it inside the sleeping bag, but this will cause the temperature of the bag to drop because of the air you will be breathing in, which will affect your whole body. It is better to have a cold nose than a cold whole body.

A few hot water bottles inside the sleeping bag can keep it warm for hours. Yes, you can put hot water in a water bottle, or even wrap it in a towel if it’s too hot to touch, and place it between your legs.

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When you barbecue, wrap light pieces of stone in something like a towel and let them cool for a few minutes after barbecuing, either in the barbecue or on the grill wire. This acts as a natural heater and can keep you warm for a while. For example, you can put it on your feet and let your feet warm up. But you need to set them at a level that does not cause sweating. Sweating leads to evaporation inside and back to coldness. Not too hot, not too cold.

Sleeping warm requires a skill and you have to be aware of all this. It is not just about lying down and sleeping. Wearing dry clothes, airing out your sleeping bag when it’s hot, and speeding up metabolism by eating something when it’s cold are important steps you need to know in order to sleep. Camping without knowing these things is like looking for a reason to be cold. If you still cannot increase your temperature by doing these methods, it is time to change your sleeping bag.