Anamur Mamure Castle

Anamur Mamure Castle

Mamure Castle, which is very close to the center of Anamur, was built by the Romans to keep the Mediterranean and Cilicia trade routes under control. At the same time, the castle, which was built to prevent future attacks by sea pirates, passed to the Karamanids Principality in 1450 and was repaired by the regional ruler Karamanoğlu Mahmut Bey.

Mamure Castle is located 6 km east of Anamur and 216 km west of Mersin. It is quite difficult to reach Mamure Castle within the borders of Mersin, which covers a large area. The castle, which can be seen while traveling on the Antalya – Mersin highway and is located on the borders of Bozdoğan Village, is among the largest castles in Turkey with 39 towers, a bathhouse and a mosque.

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Surrounded by a 10-meter moat, the part of the castle on the sea was filled with breakwater stones due to the damage caused by the waves. The castle, which was put on the provisional heritage list by UNESCO in 2012, is currently under restoration, so you cannot enter, you can only see it from the outside. I hope the restoration is as it should be and the castle will be included in the heritage list.

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