Bolu Gölcük Nature Park and Gölcük Lake

Bolu Gölcük Nature Park and Gölcük Lake

Gölcük Lake is a small but very cute lake located within the borders of Gölcük Nature Park. Gölcük Lake, one of the dozens of beauties of Bolu, should definitely be added to the list of places to visit in Bolu. Look, I say absolutely.

Bolu Gölcük Lake, which is among the places to visit on the weekend or even for a day, is one of the main heroes of a standard Bolu trip. If you wish, you can also visit Abant Lake and Yedigöller to make your days more colorful. In general, people who come here also include the places to visit around Bolu in their plans.

Bolu Golcuk Golu Milli Parki Gezilecek Yerler
Bolu Golcuk Golu Milli Parki Gorulecek Yerler

What are the characteristics of Lake Gölcük?

Information about Lake Gölcük: Lake Gölcük is 1220 meters above the sea. Lake Gölcük is an artificial lake in terms of its formation. I think it is used for rapid intervention in a possible forest fire. Lake Gölcük is confused with Lake Abant for those who do not know. It has similar structures in general and Lake Abant is closer to Istanbul. The name Gölcük should not be confused with Kocaeli Gölcük district. Gölcük Nature Park takes its name from the small lake in it.

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What to do in Lake Gölcük?

Take a walk The best thing to do in Gölcük Nature Park, where there are no cars, plenty of oxygen and a clean nature, is to walk calmly. The perimeter of the lake is 1360 meters and you can walk a full lap. On the walking path made of paving stones, tall trees on the right side and the lake view on the left side, it is really exquisite. Of course, you can also take a long trekking walk starting from Gölcük Lake. The name of this trail is Gölcük Üçgöl Hiking Trail. There are 8, 10 and 14 km hiking trails. There are areas where you can rest on the way and places where you can meet your water and toilet needs. The difficulty levels of the trails are 2/6 – 3/6.

Bolu Golcuk Golu Milli Parki Gol Evi Nerede
Bolu Golcuk Golu Milli Parki Nasil Gidilir

Take a photo. Set your frame and press the shutter button. This place has such a magic that every photo you take will be beautiful. The color tones of the trees, the guesthouse and the reflection of all this in the lake. No matter where the sun is, you can walk around the lake and get some great shots.

Rent a car. It is also possible to drive around the lake. Take a golf cart for example. There are also electric vehicles that you can drive around the lake once. You can also rent a bicycle or a ginger. There are places where you can rent these at the entrance of the national park.

Accommodation in Gölcük Nature Park and where to stay?

Who owns the house in Gölcük Nature Park? The only building in the region is the State Guest House. People who are not related to the state cannot stay in the house affiliated to the Ministry of Forestry, it is a kind of private guest house. Previously, there was a wooden structure in the place of this house, but as a result of the rising water level in Gölcük Lake, the house, which started to rot, was demolished and a new, more robust, steel infrastructure building was built instead.

Bolu Golcuk Golu Milli Parki Yuruyusu
Bolu Golcuk Golu Tabiat Parki Ormanlari

If you want to stay in the region, there are Gölcük Country Houses around Gölcük Lake. These houses are bungalow houses. You can also choose hotels or hostels near Gölcük Nature Park. Tent camping is not allowed in Gölcük Nature Park.

When to go to Bolu Gölcük?

Such natural environments are beautiful at any time of the year. If you go in winter, the pleasure of seeing it under the snow and watching the frozen lake, if you go in summer, it is a chirping environment, if you go in spring, it is an autumn picture dominated by different colors. If you go in winter, the roads may be closed due to heavy weather conditions.

Bolu Golcuk Golu Milli Parki Gol Evi Manzarasi
Bolu Gölcük Nature Park Photos

If we think in terms of days, weekdays are the best time to go to Gölcük Nature Park. Since there are many people who want to spend the weekend away from stress in a beautiful place and since it is located in the center of big cities such as Eskişehir, Ankara, Bolu, Istanbul, it is very crowded on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer period.

There are several cafes and restaurants in the Gölcük Kır Gazinosu. Of course, the most enjoyable and economical way to eat is through barbecue. In Gölcük promenade and picnic area, you can barbecue against Gölcük Lake and enjoy the environment. You can use the picnic tables at the entrance or around the lake. You cannot have a picnic according to your mind except in certain areas, it is not allowed. It is possible to rent a barbecue, buy coal and meat from the shop at the entrance of the national park.

Bolu Golcuk Golu Tabiat Parki Piknik Alani
Bolu Gölcük Nature Park Picnic Area
Bolu Golcuk Golu Tabiat Parki Restoran Semaver Cayi
Samovar Tea in Gölcük

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of Gölcük Nature Park?

Entrance to Gölcük Nature Park is paid. The number of passengers is not considered in vehicle entrances. For personal entrances, you have to pay per person. Different prices are also applied to minibuses and buses.

Bolu Golcuk Golu Tabiat Parki Fotograf Cekimi
Bolu Golcuk Golu Tabiat Parki Nasil Gidilir

Where is Golcuk Nature Park and how to get there?

The distance from Istanbul to Gölcük Tabiat Park is 280km (3h 30min), and 13km (25min) from Bolu center. The distance to Yedigöller National Park is 60km (1h 30min). For those coming from Ankara, Gölcük Nature Park is closer. The distance from Ankara to Gölcük Lake is 200km (2h 15min). Although there is a distance of 200km from Eskişehir, you can reach Gölcük Lake in 3h 40min due to the winding roads.

If you are coming by car, you need to take the Bolu highway exit on the TEM highway. You can reach Gölcük Nature Park by turning from Bolu center to Seben Kıbrısçık direction and following the Gölcük signs. You drive on a smooth asphalt road until Gölcük Nature Park. There is no vehicle entry permit to the edge of Gölcük Lake, so it is not possible to drive around with your car like Abant Lake. You leave your car in the parking lot of Gölcük National Park. Some days it gets really crowded. You have to wait for a queue of vehicles for minutes to enter by car. When you encounter such a situation, do not try to enter by car. You will already see many parked vehicles on the road, park on the side of the road like them and enter the national park on foot. It will be cheaper if you are two people or one person.