Gökçetepe Nature Park Camping Area

Gökçetepe Nature Park Camping Area

Gökçetepe Nature Park is a natural area located on the northern shore of the Saros Gulf, which has a self-cleaning feature with the currents in the sea. Located in Keşan district of Edirne, this area is among the camping areas close to Istanbul.

Gökçetepe Nature Park is one of the biggest camping areas I have ever seen. There are six bays with a total length of 3.5 km in the nature park and there are many areas around these bays where you can set up tents. The tents can be positioned far away from each other. This is the biggest advantage of being big. You can either pitch your tent by the sea or on the hills with trees and start loading your body with oxygen. Gökçetepe is very nice for nature camping and forest camping.

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After entering Gökçetepe Nature Park in Keşan, where Saros tent camping is possible, a dirt road leads you to the center of the campsite. Here you will find a small grocery store, families settled with their caravans and nature lovers camped in various areas. After a little exploration, you can find the best place for your tent. Since the area is large, you should visit several times and try different places. If you don’t have a table, you can find a place around one of the empty wooden tables. Tables are very useful while eating and having breakfast. We pitched our tent by the sea, right on the side of the road, facing the sea. Luckily, there was even an empty table that we could use as long as we were there.

Gokcetepe Tabiat Parki Cadir Konumu
Gökçetepe Nature Park Forest Camp

What are the facilities of Gökçetepe National Park?

There are toilets in the camping area, there are also sinks where you can wash your belongings such as dishes. There are also areas where you can take a shower in the open area on the coastal road. The electricity issue has also been solved a little bit with the extension cables brought to the site. So if you bring a long power cable, you can draw a power line from the sockets to your tent. You can also barbecue or light a fire next to your tent. Phones work in the area, so does the internet.

Gokcetepe Tabiat Parki Plaji
Gokcetepe Tabiat Parki Dus Alanlari

There is also a market in the campsite where you can find everything. You can buy barbecue equipment and sea equipment here. You can also buy your food, cold drinks and water here. Buy your bread and drinks here, but don’t forget to do your basic food shopping at the shopping centers in Keşan.

The sea of Gökçetepe Nature Park is very beautiful and clear. Everything can be easily seen with your underwater glasses. It is ideal for those who like to spend time at sea. The sea is not sandy, but rocky and there are sea urchins in places. If you do not want sea urchins and rocks to disturb your feet, you can enter with sea shoes. Sea shoes are also sold in the market there. The sea deepens with a normal slope. I entered the sea early in the morning, as soon as I woke up. The sea was warm, it was very pleasant to swim. I definitely recommend it before having breakfast, if you come across a warm sea, you will be very happy.

Gokcetepe Tabiat Parki Kamp Alani
Gokcetepe Tabiat Parki Sualti Dalisi

You should definitely bring sea shoes, a long extension cord for electricity of at least 15 meters, a desktop light or head light, mosquito repellent sprays to the campsite. Of course, do not choose the campground during the holidays, it may be more crowded than you think. Just because the entrance fee is high, don’t think that only people who respect nature will be around you. Even if you want to rest, there are definitely noisy people who disturb your sleep at night. It is important to set up your tent away from people whenever possible.

How much is the entrance fee and accommodation in Gökçetepe Nature Park?

The most convenient way to find out the current prices of Gökçetepe Nature Park is to contact them. Prices are constantly changing. If you do not have a tent, it is possible to get one from inside. Caravan accommodation is also available.

Gokcetepe Tabiat Parki Deniz Eglencesi
Gokcetepe Tabiat Parki Gezgin Cift

Apart from these accommodation options, bungalow houses can also be rented in Gökçetepe Nature Park. Bungalow houses are designed as 2 rooms, 1 living room and 1 bedroom, with an American kitchen. There is also a bathroom inside.

If you want to stay in the free tent area around Gökçetepe Nature Park in Saroz Bay, there is a suitable place for tents on the beach side of the entrance. We stayed there in the spring, but I don’t know what the situation will be in the summer, when the cafe opens. But the nights are not very quiet, the uncles with their beers can hang out with the music on loud. Whether you enter Gökçetepe Nature Park or not, there have always been these types.

Edirne Saros Kesan Ucretsiz Kamp Alani
A place to pitch a tent for free in Saros

Where is Gökçetepe Tabiat Park and how to get there?

The distance from Gökçetepe Nature Park to Istanbul is 270km (3h 20m). The distance of Gökçetepe National Park to the center of Edirne is 140km (2h). The campground is 34km (34min) from Keşan and 80km from Şarköy and Gelibolu. To reach Gökçetepe Nature Park, you need to come to Gökçetepe Village and continue towards the coast. At the end of Gökçetepe coastal road, you will reach the entrance of the national park. Until here, the roads do not force the vehicles, transportation is quite comfortable.