Estonian History Museum

The Estonian History Museum, located at Pikk 17 in Tallinn, provides enlightening information about the process from the first times of Estonia’s existence.

When you enter the museum, you will see screens where you can learn the process from Estonia’s place in history to the present day in an interactive way. Thanks to touch screens and interactive maps, it is possible to follow how Estonia came into existence together with its development processes.

Information boards explain that human life in Estonia dates back to 11,000 years ago. Between the 8th and 11th centuries, the Estonian region is known as the period when the Vikings lived. Estonia’s presence on maps dates back 700 years ago. An Arab cartographer named Al-Idrisi refers to Estonia as Astlanda on a world map he drew.

With the Baltic Sea becoming more important in terms of trade, Estonia can be clearly seen on maps from the 14th century. The oldest known map is the map drawn by Pietro Vesconte in 1320. Estonia is mentioned on this map. Later, on the map revised by German cartographer Nicolaus Germanus in 1467, Estonia clearly finds its place on world maps.

After understanding the place of Estonia in the history of world maps, in the same room, we come across a showcase where the shoes and various objects worn by the people living in Estonia from the past to the present are listed chronologically.

Estonian History Museum Ayakkabi Vitrini

When we continue, we come across a large hall. It is possible to see many objects from Estonia’s history in the glass showcases here.

Estonian History Museum Gezi Blogu

It was also mentioned in this hall that Estonians are one of the unhappiest communities in Europe. It can be said that the most important reason for this is that they lived in their own land for a long time as if they were others and the authority constantly changed hands. Although they declared their independence in 1918, they spent years full of fear as a result of the intervening World War II. However, they have been able to live their independence for almost the last 20 years.

Historical books, spearheads used in wars, jewelry and clothes are among the showcases worth seeing.

Estonian History Museum Paralar
Estonian History Museum Mizraklar

In the lower part of the museum, weapons and war equipment used in the wars are exhibited. When you enter the rooms, the sounds of war, cannons and rifles accompany you as you examine the weapons.

Estonian History Museum Silahlar
Estonian History Museum Savas Kiyafeti

The other part of the lower floor is an interactive play area. You can go through drawers, look in cupboards and learn different things, breaking away from the ordinary.

Estonian History Museum Oyun Odasi
Estonian History Museum Interaktif Oyun

You should definitely spend at least two hours in this museum located in Old Town in Tallinn.