How to Overcome Fear of Airplanes?


Hundreds of airplanes travel from one point to another every day. So why are we so afraid of flying? Is it appropriate to be so afraid of airplanes, the safest way to travel in the world? Can we prevent this and overcome flight phobia? Should we take medication for fear of flying?

The most important factor of flight phobia is that hovering is thought to affect safety. Being in a vacuum, not having your feet on the ground, not being in control, the effect of the movies we watch are among the reasons that cause us to fear flights. Everything you think is thought by you and is just a thought. Phobias are also false fears. They come from misperceiving threats that don’t exist. What we want you to do here is to eliminate these thoughts and think positively. If you do this, you will overcome your fear of airplanes.

Watch airplanes

One of the ways to overcome the fear of flying is to go to the airport in advance and see how normal everything is. Observe how normally planes land and take off. Observe the planes during take-off until they disappear from sight. Everything is just thoughts in your head.

Overcome fear

The point here is to try to overcome fear. You can gain experience by flying often. The more you do something in life, the more you get used to it. Flying is like that. The more often you fly, the more comfortable and familiar you become. Choosing not to fly because you are afraid is not a good behavior.

Find something to keep you busy

Finding something to keep you occupied during the flight is a way to get through the flight quickly. Watching a movie, reading a book, listening to music, solving a crossword puzzle can be a good distraction. I usually start reading the magazines on board after the plane takes off. I don’t pick up the magazines before take-off so that I don’t run out of things to read. Sometimes I also keep my own magazine in my bag. The presence of a magazine of my choice can be more interesting than any magazine on the plane.

Don’t be afraid of turbulence

Observe how relaxed the air hostesses are during any turbulence. Especially at the time of service, you can see that the stewardesses do not care about the turbulence. This will put your mind at ease. Think of turbulence as a natural process and convince yourself that it does not cause any harm to the airplane. Eliminate the scenarios in your head, writing scenarios is not your job.

Get used to the sounds coming from the plane

While flying, you may suddenly encounter different sounds. These sounds may be the sounds of the flaps of the wings taking off and landing, or the opening and closing of the landing gear. These are quite normal sounds. If you do not want to hear these sounds, including the aircraft engine, you can find a solution by wearing soundproof headphones.


Breathing exercises during rapid heartbeats help you to keep yourself under control. It slows down the heart rhythm. Keeping the breathing time long relaxes the body. This allows us to reach the thinking part of the brain and take control. If you feel yourself getting hot, take off your clothes or even turn on the air conditioning and turn it towards you. The air coming to you will help to keep you from getting hot and help to keep your heart rhythm more regular. Drink enough water and avoid stimulants such as coffee in moderation.

Choose the right seat

If you have a fear of heights, choose not to sit by the window. Sitting by the window can also affect those who have a fear of being indoors. Instead, choose a middle seat or an aisle seat. If you are tall like me, prefer the aisle seat to be more comfortable on narrow planes. This way, you can stretch your legs and relax whenever you want.

Drink alcohol before the flight

This suggestion may sound strange, but if you get high on alcohol before a flight, the potential for fear of flying will be significantly reduced. Your body will relax and you will be able to travel more comfortably. You are the best judge of the amount of alcohol you drink and how much you should drink. Some people say that if you don’t have the right amount of alcohol, it can trigger anxiety. However, this worked very well for me.

Remember that airplane phobia does not affect you physically. What you are experiencing is entirely the result of your fear. As you are afraid, your body naturally tries to adapt to you. As we mentioned in the first paragraph, thousands of airplanes fly every day and everything is normal. Even knowing this is a great reason to overcome the fear of flying. I say this as someone who has almost overcome the fear of flying. The heart palpitations I experienced when I got on the plane were replaced by normal heart palpitations. I can say that I achieved this by trying to control my mind. But until you get to this point, you need to come up with your own solutions. If these methods do not bring you to the point you are trying to reach, then you need to find another solution.