Travel Health Insurance International


Travel health insurance is a must for visa applications. While there are travelers who have it on every trip, there are also travelers who do not care about it in countries where it is not compulsory.

What is travel health insurance and what does it do?

Travel health insurance is a system where you take precautions from the beginning in case any illness happens to you abroad. When you think about the amounts you will pay for treatment costs when you go to the hospital without insurance, you will already see that having insurance makes a lot of sense. You are securing yourself in some way.

What does travel health insurance cover?

What travel health insurance will cover and which health problems will be covered is written in the contract you sign with the company you get insurance from. In case of illness and injury, the insurances have features such as covering hospital and medical expenses, transportation costs, transportation costs of relatives in dangerous situations, and repatriation expenses in case of serious injuries that cannot continue the trip. If there is a fire, theft or damage to your home during the trip, the insurance company can also cover the costs of traveling back home.

Your travel health insurance can also help you with medication and lost luggage. The more you pay to insurance companies, the more options you can benefit from. You are traveling abroad and you have a suitcase. However, your checked-in suitcase did not arrive or was damaged. In this case, if your policy includes luggage, in case your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen, if it is not found within the time specified by the airline, they will pay you at least €400. If your luggage is found, they are responsible until you receive it.

Is travel health insurance compulsory?

We are always in the middle before traveling. Is travel insurance necessary? Can I not have it? Questions like these keep circulating in our minds. Travel insurance is compulsory especially for European countries that require a Schengen visa such as Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. If you are going to study abroad, you need Study Abroad Health Insurance or Erasmus Health Insurance if you are going to benefit from Erasmus. Travel insurance is not compulsory for Balkan countries and other countries that do not require a visa. But it is useful to think of it as a need rather than an obligation. We also need to have insurance when traveling to countries that do not require a visa. We do not know what we will encounter abroad. Insurance minimizes the problems we may encounter in other countries, especially in terms of health.

Where to buy travel health insurance and how to get it?

Health insurances can be purchased online, but it is best to get one in person. You can start your transactions by applying to banks or insurance companies that provide travel insurance such as İşbank, Ziraat Bank, Garanti Bank, Akbank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Finansbank. Thus, you can ask any questions you have and check your documents at that moment. When you go to the agency, they will ask for your identity card, your travel dates and the country you are traveling to. In line with this information, they will prepare your policy and deliver it instantly.

How to use travel health insurance?

Let’s say you traveled abroad and were hospitalized. You pay for the examinations and controls you have had in the normal way. You keep all the documents you have paid for and signed and take them to your insurance company when you come to Turkey. These documents are proof that you have paid abroad. Travel health insurance companies can usually pay up to €30,000. In fact, the countries where you will obtain a Schengen visa specifically ask you to get insurance from companies that can pay this amount.

How many days is travel health insurance valid?

When buying health insurance, you have options such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly. Your international travel health insurance must be valid for at least the duration of your stay abroad. If you are going on a 1-week vacation, you can choose weekly travel insurance or annual insurance if you are constantly traveling for business reasons. Keep in mind that annual insurances are limited to 92 days. For trips exceeding 92 days, you need to renew your insurance policy. Insurance companies usually start your insurance one day before your trip and cover you until the day after your return. It is all about the duration of your trip. Of course, insurance prices also vary according to the duration of your trip.

How much does travel health insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance varies depending on the coverage, the age of the person and the destination country. But generally, 1 week insurance costs around €10 and 1 year insurance costs around €40 – €70. Prices vary according to the coverage and companies. The insurance price of one company and another company with the same coverage may be different.