Best Travel Apps for Travelers


Smartphones have many applications that make our lives and travels easier during travel periods. Among the hundreds of helpful Android and iPhone travel apps, I will talk about the ones we use most often.

Many of these apps are also used by many travelers. Some are guides, some are dictionaries that help you communicate with people whose language you don’t understand. For travelers, there are mobile apps that make it easier to explore the city, accommodation, place recommendation, transportation.

Best map apps
CityMaps2Go / Maps.Me / Google Maps:

These are the apps I use the most while traveling. The apps that allow you to see the places around you abroad without being connected to the internet are the most attractive apps with their offline city map feature. These map applications can be used very functionally. You can download the map of the city you are going to in advance and travel to your heart’s content. With features such as measuring distance, creating routes, navigation, pre-marking places to visit and using GPS without the internet, finding historical places to visit, the nearest banks, pharmacies, ATMs, restaurants, it is the perfect traveler’s app.

You can use both of these apps at home and abroad with peace of mind. If you use it a few times, you will get used to it and you will not be able to give it up. I guarantee that it will take its place among your most used applications. You know how some things are more practical when using a computer, you can mark the places you want to go in advance with the support of the computer,

Best translation apps
Google Translate / iTranslate:

Google contributes a lot to travel. Google Translate, one of the best Google apps and one of the apps that travelers should use, has the ability to translate characters and even sentences that we do not know what they are in foreign countries. It allows you to translate between over 100 different languages. Don’t worry if you don’t have internet, you can download language packs to your phone and translate offline. iTranslate is another alternative app with the same features.

Best travel planning apps
Google Trips / Sygic Travel:

Google Trips is a travel assistant app from Google. It is an application that shows your reservations, places to visit in the country you are going to, things to do, important information, and transportation routes. It pulls important information such as flight and hotel reservations from your Gmail account and collects them in one place. One of the nice things about the app is that it creates a Walking Tour to visit the country you are going to. By following the places that must be visited in the country or city and the marked points that are important to see, you make a tour with the application. You can download the information about the country you are going to visit and see it offline while traveling. Both apps allow you to create your own route.

Best city transportation apps
Citymapper / Moovit / Rome2Rio:

These apps provide a comprehensive overview of city transportation routes. These apps use all combinations of public transportation such as buses, metrobuses, subways, ferries, trams, minibuses, minibuses, and minibuses to get where we want to go. They can show you all the routes you can take, how many minutes it takes, which public transportation vehicles, bus lines, and live bus timetables and when they will arrive. Especially in a big city like Istanbul, it is a must-have application on our cell phones. It facilitates transportation not only in Istanbul but also in big cities abroad.

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City transportation applications

Best currency converter apps
XE Currency:

XE Currency is one of the most popular currency converter apps for traveling abroad. It’s an international currency conversion app with the ability to convert between dozens of currencies that we can’t understand other than the euro, dollar and Turkish Lira currencies.

Best accommodation apps
Booking / Trivago / Hostelworld / Airbnb / Couchsurfing:

Here are the most popular accommodation and hotel finder apps. Booking and Trivago list hotels in your destination, Airbnb lists homes, Hostelworld lists hostels and provides you with all the details. You can see ratings, photos, reviews, and make reservations for the results you find. Couchsurfing is for those who want to stay for free without paying any money. Of course, there is mutual trust in Couchsurfing. You stay in rooms reserved for you by people who open their homes, you communicate with them and share their culture.

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Accommodation apps for mobile phones

The best airfare apps
Skyscanner / Momondo / Aerobilet / Turna / Kayak:

These are the applications that compare many airline companies and find the most suitable flight ticket for you. Sometimes some apps may offer cheaper tickets depending on their agreements or campaigns. If you want to go somewhere, use these apps separately. With the filtering feature of the applications, we can easily access the flight ticket you are looking for.

I didn’t want to lengthen the page by writing similar apps with similar features separately. I prepared this article by collecting similar travel apps under a single heading as a category. All of these applications are travel applications that I have on my phone and that I personally use.