Tips for Choosing a Camping Tent


The tent is a must for campers, the most important piece of equipment. There are many criteria for choosing a tent and choosing the most suitable tent for yourself. The most important one is the budget to be allocated for the tent. As tent prices increase, quality and conditions also increase. Considering that the tent is among the most important camping equipment, it is necessary to allocate a good budget, but if you can eliminate some conditions such as not camping in the snow and cold, you can have a relatively cheaper tent.

To buy a tent, you need to read and watch many reviews and make a decision accordingly. There are many options ranging from tents sold in outdoor companies to more affordable, but still quality tents such as Decathlon.

There are some things you should pay attention to when buying a tent. We have been using the Husky Bird 3-person tent for a long time. And you should ask yourself these questions when buying a tent and act accordingly.

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How to transport a camping tent?

The weight of the tents is also important. If you are a backpacker and need to carry the tent on your back, you should choose lightweight products. Lightweight products are usually of good quality and expensive. The tent we use weighs between 2-3 kilos and since we travel by car, carrying it is not tiring. It does not take up much space when folded, so it is not a problem in the trunk.

How big should the tent be?

You have options such as a one-person tent, two, three or four-person tents, or even a two-room tent. Our tent is for 3 people, but we use it for 2 people. Because it is a bit wider, it creates a more spacious environment inside. We can put our belongings with us.

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Will the tent be used in winter or in cold conditions?

We have used our tent in snow and in heavy rain. We used it under the sun and on very windy hills. Husky tents are generally weather resistant tents. When buying a tent for all conditions, its resistance to rain and snow water should be checked. The fact that it is double-decker allows you to have a better time in cold conditions.

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Not all tents can be used in summer. A tent without good ventilation features may not be able to evacuate the hot air inside. Our tent has a door on the roof and on both sides. We can also leave the raincoat on and let air in from everywhere.

A tent alone is not a sufficient material for camping. It is an activity that needs to be considered complete with a sleeping bag, mat and other equipment. If you have a vehicle, vehicle-mounted tents that can make you faster and freer can also be taken into consideration.