Keloğlan Cave

Keloğlan Cave

Discovered in 1970, Keloğlan Cave is a cave in Dodurgalar Town in Acıpayam. It was brought to tourism by Denizli Governorship and Dodurgalar Municipality Mineral Research and Exploration and opened to visitors in 2003.

Keloğlan Cave, which has been forming for about 10 million years, has a very beautiful atmosphere with its stalactites and stalagmites in 2 large galleries. It is possible to see many dripstones in the cave, which is about 145 meters long. There are still bat communities inside. Therefore, in the cave, which is already small, the flight of a bat means passing close to you. But there is nothing to worry about.

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Denizli Keloglan Magarasi Gezisi

At the exit of Keloğlan Cave, also known as Dodurgalar Cave because it is located in Dodurgalar Town, there is a small showcase displaying various bones and remains of animals such as bison, red foxes, goats and wolves that I guess were found in the cave.

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There are tables set up for you to relieve your tiredness after your cave tour. If you have time, you can have a drink in this small facility in front of the cave, which is located at a point overlooking the Acıpayam plain.

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Since Keloğlan Cave is close to Denizli Antalya road, it can be preferred if you have such a route. If you want to visit Keloğlan Cave during your Denizli trip, you can reach from Denizli Çardak Airport in 111 km / 2 hours. This time is even shorter from the center of Denizli and you can overcome 75 km in 1 hour.

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