Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley

The most important feature of Devrent Valley is that it has surpassed the limits of ordinary fairy chimneys and formed shaped fairy chimneys. Devrent Valley is also called the “Imaginary Valley” because of its shape, which is a reference to the realm of imagination.

When you reach the valley, there is a free parking area with souvenir vendors across the valley. This is where people arriving by car or bus park their vehicles and pause. If you wish, you can leave your car here and take a stroll in the valley. While walking around the valley, you will notice that the fairy chimneys have not been carved. This is a valley where there are no hollows like in Paşa Bağ or Zelve, so there are no living spaces.

It is possible to liken the natural formations in the valley to different objects or creatures depending on your imagination. The most popular and distinctive shape among these fairy chimneys is the camel silhouetted fairy chimney. The camel silhouetted fairy chimney, which is aimed to prevent ground erosion by placing a protective fence around it, is the first fairy chimney that tourists visit in Devrent Valley. The coordinates of the camel silhouetted fairy chimney are 38°40’23.03″ N 34°53’06.43″ E

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Dervent Valley is one of the most impressive places in Cappadocia and you can use the ledge at the mouth of the road a little further on to watch it from the top. It is also very nice to see the beautiful view of the valley from this angle.

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Where is Devrent Valley and how to get there?

Your only way to reach Devrent Valley is the Ürgüp Road between Avanos and Ürgüp. Devrent Valley is 2.6km (4min) from Aktepe Village, 6.6km (10min) from Avanos, 12km (20min) from Goreme Open Air Museum and 5.7km (10min) from Urgup. It can be reached by taking the Ürgün Road from Aktepe after passing Devrent Valley, Paşa Bağı and Zelve.